• listen to music on my computer in the morning when we wake up
  • talking about bacon butty's, colby and the book of morman, and curling irons and robbers.
  • jump on the loose brick on the sidewalk on the way to the bus
  • on the bus i share my ipod with kellie and we listen to "hot mess" by cobra starship b/c it's kellie's favorite or we listen to "breakeven" by the script because it's my favorite or we listen to "send my love" by cobra starship because it's always stuck in my head
  • we get coffee at starbucks if we're early and have time to get some before class starts
  • after class we get lunch at pret a manger and get it for take away so we can save 40 pence, so we freeze our asses off sitting on the chairs in front of the restaurant
  • at home we get in the door then go upstairs and check our emails and listen to more music
  • then we make tea after dinner and kellie always puts milk in hers and i put sugar
  • then we set the alarm and lock all 6 locks on the front door
  • then we go upstairs again and listen to MORE music until we decide it's time for bed
  • then i read kellie bedtime stories which consist of stumbled website or textsfromlastnight
  • make the walk of shame down to get breakfast at noon
  • listen to songs that are stuck in our heads 24/7 because we're going crazy
  • trying to prevent kellie from spending all her money on coffee because she has a coffee addiction."
  • listening to justin bieber on the bus, on the way home, and before bed.
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