• the time at the zoo where i organized the other children in chasing down the peacock in the front
  • the time at the zoo where they were recording kids reporting the weather. i thought the other kids were doing it wrong, so i horned in, got in front of the camera, and did it myself.
  • the time when i rolled out of my bed, crawled over to the telephone, and ended up calling a operator in Japan
  • the time my mother caught me hitting myself in the head with a plastic hammer
  • the times when i've gone up to people and held my arms up to them to get them to pick me up
  • the times when i've heard cyndi lauper on the radio and i danced to it.
  • the time when my mother took me to her job at coca cola. when she left, the phone rang. i picked it up and said, "hello, coca cola company, how may i help you?"
  • the time when my mother and i were in a restaurant and a baby was crying. i went over to him, patted his foot, cooed at him, and went back to my seat.
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