• in elementary school, this one girl was tattling [lying, actually] to my mother that I was swearing. I was near enough to hear her do this and before I could protest, my mother said "Oh, that? Yeah, I can't really do anything with her. She smokes and drinks beer when she's at home."
  • when i was younger, i frustrated my mom so much that she said: "I'm going to beat you with the bloody end of your own leg." and i laughed so hard.
  • the time when i tried playing hide and seek with her when she was working. she peeked around this corner and made a scary face that frightened me so much that i started crying
  • the first day of elementary school when i hid behind her skirt
  • every time that i had to leave my mom and i started to cry because i didn't want to go
  • the times that she took me to the zoo
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