A woman sacrificed everything she had over thousands of years, all in an effort to get an audience with a person who ended up turning her away. He eventually sought her out to make amends but rejected him and decided to forge on her own. The song describes her trials as she tries to get back to reality. He tries to reason with her to get her to listen but continues to battle through on her own.

A scientist walking through a labyrinth of walking corpses looking for a girl's lost spirit to return it to her mausoleum so he can bring her back to life. He feels like abandoning the quest halfway through because it's too difficult but the sound of her pleas cry out through the picture of her he keeps in the side of his pocket watch.

A Greek woman goes to the temple of the Gods. It starts with her scoffing and frowning at people during times of worship. When she approaches Zeus' statue, she's yelling at them because of the ruin they've brought to her life for no reason. Athena comes down to try to reason with her only to be met with confrontation. She tries to expose the "phony" Gods to the people of her town but, when they see one of them, they ignore her words and cast her out.

A little girl - now a grown woman - is battling through the recent death of her younger brother. The song details their relationship and how it affects her. The panels will include their lives from his birth to his death. She'll see his face in crowds, her friends will slowly break away, her marriage will fall apart. All with his spirit just lingering on behind her.

A girl in around freshman high school age finds that her handsome teacher has been making advances towards her. She found it to be intriguing and started to develop a crush on him. It was a sweet little courtship for a while but he took it too far too fast and raped her one night after school. Since then, she'd developed a fear of being touched by people and she would see him watching her as they passed each other in the halls. The panels will take it as she continues aging through school and the toll it slowly takes on her life. Her friends pairing off and getting into relationships while the thought of being with a man makes her sick, hearing his heartbeat and the sound of his breathing in her head, feeling his hot breath on her, being afraid of telling anybody because everybody loves him too much, and contemplating suicide because of this feeling that he's stuck her with over the past few years. All of it to end in her taking his life one day during class.

A boy ends up dabbling in Paganism/Wicca and turns out to mess up a whole bunch of lives in an attempt to have fun with something he doesn't understand. Because of the rule of three, what he does comes back to him three times much worse than what he did. He tries to balance the scales by trying more of the magicks that he still fails to understand. Ultimately, he tries to go to the church to find redemption and answers and ends up finding nothing at all.

A story about a person in a coma and a person in an asylum sharing the same fantasy. More visual; less story based.

A woman who had abandoned her child at the age of 3/4 is reminded on a constant basis about her. She destroys her life in a search for her lost son.

A man on his way through the portal through life and death is watching himself dying. The first half of the lyrics is the "devil" telling him to come along with him; the second is an "angel" telling him to come. And eventually he comes to the realization that his staying in the mortal plane is what's keeping his body alive. So, he has to make a decision as to whether or not he wants to stay there and linger on as a spirit or if he'll just accept death and leave.

A woman knowing that she's about to die in childbirth calls her husband over to tell her that she's okay. The rest of the song will go through him with his new daughter and the bittersweet of watching his little girl looking like his lost wife and how much it hurts to be without her.

A boy being haunted by a monster searches through his abandoned-looking house to search for his parents. He tries to will away his fears by remembering that they exist somewhere and what it was that got them taken away. He sees the body of his sister in one of the halls and finds the monster standing right behind him. Most of the lyrics are the thoughts he has while he's trying to get through everything. The chorus is instructions for what to do to keep from getting taken, too. The second to last panel will be this little boy, tears streaming down his eyes and trying to not blink, holding a flashlight on this horrible thing and the lyrics oozing down into darkness. Don't turn away. Don't try to hide. Don't close your eyes. Don't turn out the lights. The last will be "Servatis a periculum. Servatis a maleficum. Servatis a periculum. Servatis a maleficum."

A woman who's been tossed out into the forest to be sacrificed to the spirits of the woods ends up being found by the witch who lives in them. She's taken in and taught everything the woman knows. Most of the lyrics are what she's telling her to pump her up. Apparently, there are many women just like the witch who were all former residents of the village that have been cast out into the woods. The newest sacrifice ends up going back to her little village and destroying it.

A man is pleading for forgiveness with this woman who's taken the fall for him in being accused of being a witch. The opening lyrics are her responses to him. The panels will go through her being carted away for her hanging and his trying to go on with his life even though the guilt is lingering over him. He comes back to visit her over three days but she keeps rejecting his want for forgiveness. It ends with her forcing her hanging before he gets there to confess.

A priest goes through a struggle with his faith when he finds too many people leaning on him that he can't help anymore. He ended up having an affair at some point that starts breaking his family apart. Switches to his wife yelling at God for putting the weight of all of this upon their family. Switches to the children wanting to just break away from their parents because they'd rather not deal with any of this.

A woman in an abusive relationship begins to lean on drugs/alcohol to cope with the pain and the loneliness of being in love with someone who beats her. Someone else finds that she's being hurt and tries to get her help but she protests and says that she's perfectly fine. Eventually, he abandons her and she slowly gets better but when he returns she takes him back and falls into the same pattern.

A man in a post-Armageddon world is convinced that he's the "one savior" to end the End of Days. The people he's traveling with are trying to convince him that they're only supposed to be surviving but, instead of abandoning him, they continue with him on his journey. [Maybe a slice of Dark Tower tribute. I'm not sure yet.]

A woman trying to go on with her life after getting out of a life of prostitution by another woman that she'd trusted. She keeps having to relocate and restart her life but ends up being found again and again. But instead of forcing her back into prostitution, her madame just waits for her subject to break down and return to her.

A young teenager is reflecting on the recent departure of her father from the family. They blame it on themselves but they're slowly letting go of the fact that his leaving has nothing to do with them.

This one's my story. A woman trying to go on with her life tries to deal with the fact that her mother's dead. Feeling guilt for every ounce of happiness she has; feeling lost in every move she makes. Cuddling up with her urn and crying until she eventually falls asleep. Generally what the song was trying to get across.

A boy in therapy is talking to his therapist about how satisfying it would be to just let loose and destroy everything like he wants to.

The song describes the children of a parent recently fallen into depression over the loss of their wife in a plane crash trying to get them to snap out of it because they're not the only one going through pain over it.

In a torn apart portion of Portugal, a boy seeks out his lost love across the country through trying to locate the stars to help find his way but only to find the sky blotted out by smoke or the lights of Lisbon.

A girl with schizophrenia falls in love with a boy and tries to balance the madness going on in her mind with her affections for him. Doing all of this while also contemplate whether or not she should start taking medication for her problem.

A woman deeply in love with her well-to-do boss does everything in her power to get her to notice and reciprocate her affections; even going so far as to eliminate any competition she might have.

A group of people slowly recover from the pains of their lives and band together to overthrow the government through the means their lives have provided. One through business; one through social manipulation; one through pure aggression; etc., etc.

A sphinx - placed by Hera - stands alone in the desert, forever protecting its treasure because even though many people have come to try to claim it, nobody can answer their riddle properly. So, it just sits and waits for someone to come along.

Shows a pair of friends over the years and how their bonds slowly tighten together. But their paths and personalities start to tear them apart when one of them slowly goes into a steadily darker place.

A young woman's husband is taken away from her because of an illness that didn't have a cure at the time. The rest of it goes through her life as she ages and watches people in their happy relationships getting married and people trying to court her while she goes back to the grave of her loved one every night to sit and talk to him.

A ghost girl watches from afar as her love while she was alive continues living. During all of this, she [in an insane loving haze] tries to kill him and every girl he dates until he finally dies, too.

A writer accidentally brings her characters to life and finds she has to destroy them because they're/the story's no good. The only good character tries to plead with the writer to not destroy their story because it can get better.

A couple falls so deeply in love with each other that they end up shutting out the rest of the world that doesn't involve the one they love. They soon find out what they're doing to themselves and their lives and try to break it off but find that they're so connected to each other now that there's no escape from their paradise.

A group of adolescents, all raised from different backgrounds of religion, grow into bring sick of being fed information without being given the choice to learn what they want to believe.

A story about a person who finds a dying bird on the ground of a cemetery and they look up to find an abandoned nest of baby birds. They take the chicks in and nurses them to adulthood while building wings for when they have to teach them how to fly.

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