• my entire wardrobe is from Kohl's (minus the GAP jeans)
  • i go to Starbucks for the cookies, not the lattes
  • my digital camera is not slim enough to fit in my pocket (but it's 10 megapixels, bitches!)
  • i wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday, never do my makeup, and only do my hair 50% of the time
  • i've only had cars from the 90's or earlier (no moped for this chica)
  • my "big" sunglasses are from Wal-mart
  • i don't stalk people on facebook in class on a 13" PC
  • you wouldn't catch me dead wearing UGG boots with a skirt
  • i recycle
  • i like cats better than dogs (though i adore dogs as well)
  • i want an iPhone but do not possess one
  • i'd take an American muscle car over any foreign sports car ANY DAY
  • i go to NASCAR races...and enjoy it
  • i will never like the Jonas Brothers
    • JONAS BROTHERS COULD NEVER TAKE THE PLACE OF HANSON (even though I can't stand Hanson either) just like Miley Cyrus could never take the place of Britney Spears who could never take the place of Madonna.
  • i don't even know what's trendy right now other than Apple and... i dunno.
oct 20 2008 ∞
oct 28 2010 +