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ꕥ│lunar scorpio
ꕥ│writing creatively all the time
ꕥ│dancing a lot
ꕥ│editing videos way too much
ꕥ│fangirling 5ever

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  • year of water rooster, day of wood tiger
  • gemini sun, scorpio moon, capricorn ascendant
  • Enneagram Type Five with four-wing


capable: "The personality is formed inside a steady, formidable field. You see the world as a place to control and contribute to."

versatility: "You express yourself in a thoroughly engaging way. Responsive, skillful and clever, you have a natural relationship with the sphere of ideas and the realm of air. ...There is a need for constant motion which can lead to impatience, and a flighty nature. You will bend the truth to obtain the right result. You live inside the moment and a place of immediate reward. Quick and full of curiosity about everything, you are a master conversationalist but tend to avoid the depths. A dissatisfied, brooding element is usually hidden. Dramatic flair and talent are common along with the gift of persuasion. There is a strong need for variety."

mysterious heart: "There is passion and intensity within this soul. Black brings intrigue and magnetism to the personality, adds depth and encourages mystery. There is a draw to the deeper emotional experiences life offers."

mar 4 2018 ∞
mar 4 2018 +