honestly just like . be nice . if you know me irl we gotta be really really close in order for me to accept ur rq .

i’m an adult (19), so if ur younger than like ,, 16 ,, i probably won’t let u follow me . this is an account where i will talk about my mental health and some heavy topics may come up, i’ll try to give warning accordingly but please just keep that in mind.

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  • before i start listing character names, i wanna clarify that i do not believe that i “am” these characters, or that i share a soul or past life with them (no shade to people who do, that just isn’t me). this is why i have multiple characters from the same canon listed below. i heavily relate to the following characters, and use facets of their personalities to cope with depersonalization. i don’t believe that i am these characters.
  • i guess the more appropriate term would be “synpath” but honestly i feel like that just causes more questions and calling myself a kinnie is so much easier lmao,,,
  • with that being said, doubles are okay. i encourage folks who are invested in any of the following canons to reach out and talk to me about them!!


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  • highly encourage anyone who ids with any of these characters to rq if they want to!!


  • anyone from capri
  • anyone from dmmd
  • p much anyone from star wars
  • asra (the arcana)
  • muriel (the arcana)
  • mondo owada (dangan ronpa)
  • chiaki nanami (dangan ronpa 2)
  • alistair theirin (dragon age)
  • fenris (dragon age)
  • krem aclassi (dragon age)
  • iron bull (dragon age)
  • genji shimada (overwatch)
  • ash campbell (sallyface)
  • larry johnson (sallyface)
  • sal fisher (sallyface)
  • jim hawkins (treasure planet)
feb 11 2019 ∞
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