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I won’t ever let go of this tightly held hand again. You can hate me - the one who made you cry, and left you once.

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tsu (spinning sky rabbit)
(this isn't a dream)

Why they/them?

I'm a nonbinary individual, which means I'm not a (girl) man, [not yet] neither a woman (yes this was a Britney Spears' reference to break the ice... gettt ittt . Ok I'll stop now). However, I'm also a demigender individual, which means I kinda identify with some aspects commonly associated to the female gender.

So, (very) occasionally, I won't mind she/her pronouns - my main pronouns still remain as they/them, though, and, as long as you respect that, we'll get along fine.

In which situations are we ok to use she/her pronouns with you? Or overall female oriented titles as Miss, lady, girl, woman, etc?

First and foremost, If you can avoid , do it . But these are the situations in which I find the use of she/her pronouns quite aceptable:

  • If you didn't know - it's ok, you can do ...
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My birthday is on Sep 6th and if you can I'd be very glad to receive one of the following.

It's more of a wishful thinking tho but anyways feel free to gimme smth if you feel like it I guess ☆

Apenas uma Garota - Meredith Russo (intrinseca)

Over the Rainbow - Vários Autores (planeta)

As privações de Apolo 2: A profecia das Sombras - Rick Riordan (intrinseca)

Hotel Valhala: Guia dos mundos nórdicos - Rick Riordan (Intrínseca)

Magnus Chase e os deuses de Asgard 1: A espada do Verão - Rick Riordan (intrinseca)

Magnus Chase e os deuses de Asgard 3: The ship of the Dead (eu realmente não sei se ja tem nome em portugues) - Rick Riordan (intrinseca) *

Magisterium 3: A chave de Bronze - Cassan...

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