belfry / 22 / ♂ / he/him

  • other names: mello, chris
  • big gay!!
  • xnfp, chaotic neutral
  • game design major at UCF
  • i unironically like nightcore
  • joth and fake-edgy
  • artist, gamedev and craftsman (art acc is @batnoise !!)
  • a filthy furry. i even have one of them furred suits
jul 23 2016 ∞
oct 9 2019 +
  • kekkai sensen
  • twewy
  • sb69
  • nier
  • pokemon
  • bleach
  • warrior cats
  • furry stuff
  • drrr!!
  • some other shit
oct 15 2016 ∞
jun 5 2018 +
  • please like my tweets if you can!! i'll like yours when i see them too!!
  • i'm totally okay with being replied to and interacted with
  • DMs are okay too but i'm not as responsive
  • usually locked bcos of paranoia/anxiety
    • if i am, feel free to send a follow request, i'll probably accept
    • you can ask me to unlock if you wanna RT a specific post!!
  • i don't always follow back, sorry!
  • i'll use this account for venting sometimes yeha
    • i'll usually delete my tweets after breakdowns. limited edition content, lads
jul 23 2016 ∞
jun 11 2018 +
  • i don't have a don't follow if thing for here but basically
    • don't follow rq if you're 15 or under
    • DM before RQing if you ID as me (william macbeth)
  • i usually follow with the intent of making friends
  • if you get into a lotta drama i probably won't follow back sorry
  • this account is mostly retweets but i scream sometimes too
    • i use this account as a safe space so there won't be a lot of current events, callouts for bad people, or sj stuff but that doesn't mean i don't care about it
  • you can ask for my mental health list if you want i guess
oct 15 2016 ∞
jun 11 2018 +

i identify as characters to cope with things sorry class

me irl (picky about doubles)

  • william "black" macbeth (kekkai sensen)

also me but to lesser degrees (cool with doubles!!)

  • neku sakuraba (twewy)
  • belphegor (khr)
  • accelerator (to aru)
  • demon bat (sb69)

i have other IDs that aren't as important, you can ask about them!! i'm also otherkin and my kintypes are bats and vampires!

jul 23 2016 ∞
jun 5 2018 +