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I have been deeply interested in photography since 2008. It is my only free-time activity which never seems boring. Now I am trying to write down reasons why I enjoy taking pictures.

  • All my worries and daily stresses just melt away while I lose myself in shooting
  • Every picture has its own story and message
  • I am able to capture memorable moments
  • I am able to share my unique persective
  • I can be creative and make my own art
  • I discover the beauty of daily things
  • Learning to become a great photographer is a serious challenge
  • Photography changes the way you see things
  • Photography makes others feel emotion and think about things
  • Pictures are a piece of wonder
  • Shooting images helps me to live for the present and remember the past
  • While I take photos I am always motivated to do my best
  • With a photo I can express myself
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