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hehe i only included completed fics and will be updating this as much as i can!!

  • oh, you make my heart ache by honeywaves
    • exes!soogyu
    • yeonjun is so attractive here im in love (beomgyu is too)
    • a rollercoaster tbh. slow burn
    • fluff & angst
  • got my heart crashing for you by honeywaves
    • squeals THIS
    • beomgyu has a weakness for petnames
    • enemies to lovers but theyre flirty as heck,,
    • fluff
  • babe, can't you see that i'm lovestruck? by honeywaves
    • beomgyu has a crush on yeonjun
    • yeonjun best senior me thinks
    • theyre so cute this fic is so cute
    • fluff
  • Touch by taesuits
    • theyre cuddling
    • as bros totally haha
    • (not)
    • fluff
  • all we've known by honeywaves
    • everybody say thank u niki
    • yeonjun has FeelingsTM and hes pining
    • friends to lovers
    • fluff & light angst
  • got a thing about you (and it won't go away) by softbeoms
    • hp!au AAAAAA
    • beomgyu drank a truth serum oh noo
    • and yeonjun is in love oh nooo
    • fluff & humor
  • we can be heroes everywhere we go by honeywaves
    • SCREAMS they have powers !!
    • read the tags first tho pls
    • the tension between beomjun here chef kiss
    • action + romance
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