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heyo! i'm birdginia/gin, i write fic and have bad headcanons.

birdginia follows:

the following are fandoms I'm currently interested in and comfortable writing for

  • angels of death
  • assassination classroom
  • bioshock (just the first one)
  • borderlands 2
  • cardfight!! vanguard (original/reboot, I am not familiar with cfvg)
  • devilman/devilman crybaby
  • dangan ronpa
  • dramatical murder
  • fate (stay night, zero, strange fake, apocrypha. I have familiarity with grand order but am not caught up)
  • final fantasy xiv
  • hatoful boyfriend
  • hunter x hunter
  • hypnosis mic
  • idolish7 (currently reading part 3, so no zool quite yet)
  • jojo's bizarre adventure (up through steel ball run, one day I'll catch up on jojolion)
  • kingdom hearts
  • kuroko no basuke
  • mayoiga/the lost village
  • outlast+outlast whistleblower
  • persona 4
  • red vs blue (through chorus arc)
  • shokugeki no souma (up through anime s3)
  • show by rock!!
  • soul eater
  • splatoon
  • the world ends with you
  • umineko no naku koro ni
  • wadanohara and the great blue sea
  • wixoss (infected, spread, destructed)
  • yowamushi pedal
  • yu yu hakusho
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