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Chronic dreamer. Frustrated writer. Hypochondriac. Stargazer. Bashful snob. Misery reveler. Tenderhearted beast. Fool lover of life. Aspiring optimist.

bisclavret follows:

In no particular order...

  • explore all 59 national parks
  • go to Burning Man
  • kayak at night through bioluminescence
  • hike El camino de Santiago
  • learn French & live in Québec
  • get my law degree
  • marry a man I love ♡
  • explore the catacombs
  • perfect my drawing ability
  • go on an extended sailing trip
  • spring break!!!
  • music festivals - Coachella & SXSW
  • printmaking - learn etching, wood- and linocut, screen printing, & lithography
  • dance at a formal ball/gala
  • learn fashion design & create my own dresses
  • go backpacking in the wilderness
  • learn silversmithing
  • sell my jewelry at a boutique
  • live on a houseboat
  • learn chess
  • watch all 1001 movies on Movies You Must See Before You Die
  • learn how to ice skate
  • attend a masquerade party
  • go skinny-dipping ;)
  • publish my poetry & short stories in a literary magazine
  • go on a cross-country road trip
  • take up horseback-riding
  • eat at a Michelin 3-star sushi restaurant in Japan
  • learn both film & digital photography
  • dance through the night
  • take a trip on an old-fashioned sleeper train
  • go urban exploring
  • become an expert on art history
  • get really, really drunk & then never do it again
  • study argumentation & rhetoric & become an expert debater
  • join a debate society
  • drive the entirety of Route 66
  • ride the Alaskan Dalton Highway on motorcycles until the road runs out
  • participate in a surreal/fantasy photoshoot
  • embark on a land art tour of America, see spiral jetty
  • answer The New York Times' 36 Questions that Leave to Love with a complete stranger
  • crash a party
  • crash a wedding
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