i don't know where to put this. it's just one of my favourite scenes from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and i want to remember it. kind of ironic, given what the film is about.

clementine: well, i came back downstairs and you were gone.

joel: i walked out. i walked out the door.

clementine: why?

joel: i don't know. i felt like a scared little kid. i was like, it was, it was above my head. i don't know.

clementine: you were scared?

joel: yeah. i thought you knew that about me. i ran back to the bonfire trying to outrun my humiliation, i think.

clementine: was it something i said?

joel: yeah. you said "so go.", with such disdain, ya' know?

clementine: oh, i'm sorry.

joel: it's okay.

i enjoy the visuals as well, with the house all falling apart.

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