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people call it love while i be callin' you

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  • hello! my name is ciara ( pronounced like 'sierra' )
  • i'm 20 and a student and i go to school in oregon and i like to bake
  • i'm from southern california (around LA) and can't wait to go back
  • i talk mostly about got7 and b1a4 on twitter, but nct and astro also make pretty frequent appearances
  • i love jjp and chandeul
  • i also talk mostly about boy groups, but know that i do stan girl groups as well!
  • i tend to tweet and retweet a lot so honestly feel free to mute or soft block me at any time (i get it)
  • also please feel free to talk to me if you want! :')
    • especially if we're mutuals! i like talking to people but rarely do i make the first move rip
    • mutuals can also ask for whatever other social media! (private twt, ig, snapchat)
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