"take a deep breathe / and start at the beginning / tell them how we first met / tell them how we shared our dreams / even your weirdest ones / no, keep that as our secret / tell them that this is / that this has to be / one of the happiest days / of your life. OR the one where Taehyung and Jeongguk just keep missing each other" ━ taekook; side yoonmin & namjin. mature. 58k words.

"Everything in Jeongguk's life was familiar: work, exercise, his nagging parents and useless coworkers. He thought he had life all figured out. What he never considered was the addition of another variable, Kim Taehyung. Prompt: Bodyguard!Jungkook and Bratty!Taehyung" ━ taekook. mature. 25,3k words.

nov 30 2018 ∞
jul 17 2020 +

"baekhyun is studying himself into an early grave. chanyeol is giving baekhyun's number out to the people he pisses off. kyungsoo just wants a bedroom with a door" ━ baeksoo. teen and up audiences. 46,9k words.

"How Park Chanyeol met Do Kyungsoo, fought a lot, became friends, fell in love, and got married. Prequel to 'and time yet for a hundred indecisions'. A domestic AU." ━ chansoo. explicit. 36,3k words.

"Time moves forward and people change, but Jongdae doesn't --and maybe that's exactly what Chanyeol needs." ━ chanchen. explicit. 33k words.

"Chanyeol wakes up and finds himself in an alternate universe where he’s married... ━ chansoo. explicit. 21,6k words.

dec 9 2018 ∞
jul 17 2020 +

"Jisung introduces his new girlfriend to his ex, Hyunjin, who still has feelings for him and now has to move on. Turns out there’s someone else who has been in this situation before. Or, basically, Hyunjin and Minho decide to fake-date to get back at Jisung." ━ hyunho; side seungbin. teen and up audiences. 52,1k words.

"Chan. Chan. Chan. Chan. Chan. Okay, they go for a 3 day vacation in the Kim's lodge and Minho swears he'll do anything to stop his stupid crush on dimples and curly blonde hair. Chan seems like the only thing Minho thinks about all day and its getting out of hand." ━ banginho/minchan. teen and up audiences. 29,2k words.

"Minho was parties that went late into the morning and everything that shines and ... ━ minsung. teen and up audiences. 10,8k words.

aug 1 2019 ∞
dec 10 2020 +