"— A healthy loneliness, you say. It sure is an interesting way to put it. —You think so? I think this type of thing is necessary. A way of consoling yourself that only you know. On some days you feel lonely, on some days you're exhausted, and in others you feel stupid, pathetic even. Of course, there are many happy days too. The important thing is while the remaining days of our lives seem to stretch out to no end, you need something that can always soothe your emotions. Whether my days are happy or sad, I don't single them out. As my mixed-up emotions slowly settle down, it's like the overall image of my feelings that day even out."Skeleton Flower: Things That Have Been Released And Set Free (a novel by 김종현)

"I just want to say, in the journey of our life, after each and every accomplishment, you guys got to take time to compliment yourself. And I hope that this is the...마크이

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