• "we don't eat" music video by james vincent mcmorrow: dusk/dawn, running feet on suburban pavement, shots of sky/tree branches, interspersed with a heart beating, the lyrics start and a bunch of 20-something siblings in cottage with two parents, laughing, lining up to be measured against the wall, there is a picnic in a field by a riverbank, all moving very fast: they are running up a mountain to the griffith park observatory, with large, fast, panning shots of los angeles after dusk.
  • short iphone (instagram?) films - looking old
  • "tulips", short film: a middle-aged women arrives at grand, white, bright hotel and is working on a project, needs more tulips, so she asks for flowers from the hotel maid (a young man), who has a secret room in the hotel with thousands of flowers, eventually their secret meetings translates into a surreal love story
  • easter eggs ~ spectrum
  • "not with a bang, but a whimper": project regarding childhood smells, and different people each having their own smell, with everyone's home having its own smell: interview 10 random students, with what smell comes to mind when they think of their best friend, of going over to their best friend's house? create 10 abstract paintings of these smells, and make in installation, pairing audio clips of each student describing their smell with the respective painting...
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