• i came back to wow after 9 years! so i have to catch up on a lot and would appreciate any help i can get. my ilvl on is around alanaraa around 265-273 depending on what spec i play. my hunter and warlock have the best ilvls after that around 245. so it's just a case of gearing them up better. i play dps only. i would also like to make friends with as many people as i can! :D


  • level 60 night elf hunter (marksmanship) alashanari.
  • level 60 void elf rogue (assassination/outlaw) alanaraa.
  • level 60 void elf mage (frost) yuunaria.
  • level 60 night elf demon hunter (havoc) alyraa.
  • level 60 draenei paladin (retribution) ashanarí.
  • level 60 void elf monk (windwalker) yenessá.
  • level 60 void elf warlock (destruction) kaedrean.
  • level 60 void elf hunter (marksmanship) yveras.
  • level 60 void elf priest (holy/shadow) saristiel.
  • (a lot of alts, will only list those here that are 60)

previously known as sharnei (blood elf rogue) in argent dawn horde from 2011 to 2013! very sorry if you remember!

i rp mostly on alanara, but can be found on some of the alts listed above as well.

please keep in mind that i JUST came back to rp after literally a decade away, i have no fucking clue what i'm doing and it shows, so if i'm not making sense with something or something's incorrect i'd really appreciate the help to correct it!

jun 1 2022 ∞
oct 12 2022 +