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hi, i'm lee, and i'm a loser who loves fictional characters more than myself. right now i am currently in the overwatch, tf2, pokémon, homestuck, my little pony, sonic, mario, legend of zelda, and other fandoms! my favorite things are the moon, clouds, sunsets/sunrises, any sort of aesthetics, and ocs. i have multiple special interests at any given time that include gemstones, flowers, the paranormal/supernatural, cryptids, ghosts, astrology, constellations, mythology, and any other type of lore.

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aug 9 2018 +

anyone can talk to me!! i love meeting new people, but i'm also very, very shy. that being said, please know that i'll need some time to get used to you. you can hmu any time on twitter dms, discord, kik, skype, or any other of my social network accounts, and you can even text me if i give you my number! just make sure you respect me, and my boundaries.

my account can be very tweet/rt heavy! please don't follow me if you're just going to unfollow bc i clog up the tl, or rant to much about my interests. also i tend to like every post i see, so i'm sorry if i spam your likes.

if we're mutuals, and you wish to unfollow me, please let me know, or at least softblock me.

if i make an offensive post, or make a mistake, please let me know instead of vaguing me! i never mean to be offensive, and most of my mistakes are because of ignor...

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may 23 2017 +
  • 19 years old (born august 31st 1998)
  • genderless
  • bisexual
  • polyamorous
  • they/them pronouns
  • white and non intersex
  • pysically and mentally ill
  • INFP-T
  • lawful neutral
  • sun:♍ moon:♐️ rising:♑️ (ask for more)
  • team valor
  • hufflepuff
  • blueblood
  • prospit dreamer
  • rouge of hope
  • land of trust and tempest (LOTAT)
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aug 9 2018 +
  • you believe there are only two sexualities (gay + straight)
  • you believe there are only two genders (male + female)
  • you think bisexuals are "not gay/straight enough"
  • you think bisexuals are unfaithful to their partners
  • you believe that cishet aces belong in the lgbt community
  • you support/voted for donald trump as president
  • you see blacklivesmatter as a terrorist group
  • you think all muslims are terrorists
  • you’re a TERF, truscum, or radfem
  • you’re anti social justice
  • you're anti otherkin
  • you're anti self diagnosis
  • you're 14 years old, or younger (unless i follow first)
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aug 9 2018 +

i have a twin, @iightseer! go check her out.

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aug 9 2018 +

find me on my other accounts here! (not all of these accounts are active)

  • twitter: paleraptures
  • tumblr: boyskylark
  • curiouscat: paleraptures
  • instagram: leecarter100
  • snapchat: leecarter100
  • line: boyskylark
  • kik: leecarter100
  • skype: leeocarroll98
  • steam: boobears
  • boobears
  • discord: Lee#7539
  • vent: heirs
  • talklife: boyskylark
  • peach: leecarter
  • weheartit: paleraptures
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aug 9 2018 +

please tag the following!

  • the r slur (PLEASE, PLEASE TAG!)
  • the q slur (not as important, but still)
  • self harm (in detailed posts and PICTURES)
  • hamsters (not as important as the others)
  • trypophobia (specifically cracks in things/things cracking)
  • handcuffs
  • EMTs/firefighters/first responders
  • emergency rooms/hospitals
  • mental hospitals/psychiatric facilities (VERY IMPORTANT)

putting trigger warnings or warnings like "lee don't look" on posts works.

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