• MERISSA 24 | MERI, daughter of the shateigashira, trouble maker and on the verge of getting disowned -- her family collects money from american mafiosos for the gambling scene with asian tourists, likes to steal things that are valuable but probably not good because they belong to other mafioso, has a rivalry with the local chinese gang because the girl gave her a bitch look | to say, she goes through things on impulse and doesn't care much for what her family considers her to be (marriage pawn)-- helps her mother with a sketchy tonic shop to cover
  • ESHAN 32 | owner of a local speakeasy 'Tanglefoot' listens to people's problems and still derpy; immigrant that left his family behind, lost his mother at a young age (abandoned his homeland/religion); inherited the speakeasy from an old man he used to deliver the alcohol to -- lives IN his speakeasy that's underneath an abandoned building | speaks good english, has a hookah
  • TAKEHIKO 19 | son of a rich man who's never around, donates money to keep the speakeasy around because he abuses alcohol like that, loves to abuse his money and visit flappers derp, lives in the upper rich area and visits the speakeasy every other week; visits the club Friday night, during the day he would party and spend money sdkjalkg;asdf THE GREAT GATSBY LIFESTYLE?
  • baozhai | chinese mafia, difficult to trifle with and -- something (is highly oppressed by the values of her family?) SUB CHARACTER SOBS
  • SILVIA 27 | flapper and entertainer at 'N.N. Club' (satisfied with her position in life and divorced twice---? lives in some shabby little apartment in a very sketchy area, a building with no windows -- makes money as a prostitute)
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