i love kento yamazaki jaehyun and heesun

japanese girlgroup BiSH (aina atsuko lingling lover)

rex orange county and doja cat

i don't stan girlgroups because i can't keep up with them, but i do support jihyo from twice jooe from momoland olivia from loona hyuna and bibi

sep 6 2021 ∞
dec 15 2021 +

comfort characters are arisu ryohei from alice in borderland and simon from young royals

comfort shows are derry girls and reply 1988

love watching movies and enjoy reading

dec 1 2021 ∞
dec 15 2021 +

cr out by natsuo kirino

nov 21 2021 ∞
dec 15 2021 +

i don't stan nct. i solo stan jaehyun and jisung

i don't support sehun from exo, and i like the group more as artists, don't really stan them but appreciate them

my interests change weekly

dec 2 2021 ∞
dec 15 2021 +