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here's to growth. here's to passion. here's to fresh starts. here's to forgiveness. here's to inner beauty. here's to service. here's to never giving up. here's to never leaving anyone behind. here's to never surrendering. here's to fighting. here's to love. here's to peace.

  • Granola bars and bottled water: get a case of water and a couple cases of granola bars and find some people who need them more than I
  • Clothes: give clothes away we don't need
  • Grocery bags: go to the store and get stuff you'd like--and then instead of eating it put it in a grocery bag and give it to someone who needs it.
  • Gift cards: instead of giving money, give out some gift cards to people that really need them
  • Spaghetti dinner: having spaghetti made up and putting it in take out containers and giving it out to people who need it.
  • Hotel rooms: instead of taking a person to a shelter for the night, buy them a hotel room so they can have some peace and quiet and sleep on a bed with a blanket and room service--and imagine!
  • Pancakes: portable grill, make pancakes outside while hanging out with the homeless!
  • Dinner: buy a homeless person dinner--whatever they want on the menu
  • Bare essentials: toiletries. enough said.
  • National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
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