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  • Expose yourself to some serious sunshine. Even if it is frigid outside, if the skies are clear take yourself on a bit of a walk outside. Sunshine is a natural spiritual rejuvenator.
  • Make a date with your favorite girlfriends to do something that will allow you to chat while indulging yourself...think tapas, manicures or shooting pool.
  • Give yourself an overhaul, including a bubble bath, body scrub, pluck, shave and face mask. Make sure to finish off the process with some silky moisturizer. Style your hair, even if you only plan to stay in for the night. Looking a bit nicer on the outside will make you feel better on the inside.
  • Force yourself to work up a sweat for at least 45 minutes, I'm talking cardio. I know this is the oldest advice in the book, and frankly I have a hard time following it myself, but it often works.
  • Do something fancy, like a night at the opera or ballet. Dress to impress, even if you just plan to go with your sister.
  • Call an old friend on the telephone for a chat. Concentrate on talking about the good things that are going on in your life. Try to stay on the phone for at least thirty minutes, even if it means that you call multiple people.
  • Undertake a challenging, engaging short term project, like making bread from scratch or re-painting your bathroom. Doing something productive that consumes your attention will re-charge your batteries and re-focus your attention.
  • Unplug for the weekend, buy a few good books, turn off the TV, put your phone on silent and ignore all your email. You are unavailable, unattainable, fabulous.
  • Take a day trip to a cute town or garden close by and take lots of artsy digital pictures. Sort through them at home and post the best ones on your facebook page or print them up for your wall at home.
  • Make yourself a little afternoon tea around 3 pm, in a proper tea cup with milk and sugar. Buy a little fruit tart or milano cookies to have with your tea. Take your time and enjoy your treats before returning to the stress of everyday life.
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