features too largely in my life right now but theres very little i can do about that.

  • i'm extremely happy that i got round to doing so much reading this summer or i think my brain would have caved in by now, so..

What i Have Read

  • Grimus (heinous sci-fi, glad he ditched this idea)
  • Midnights Children (an actual other world, holy crap, awesome)
  • The Satanic Verses (seriously intense, best characterisation ever and its insane to read something which predicted the current tensions in the uk by like 10 years)
  • Shame (a whole bunch of shades darker, pretty scary, i really need to read more on the political history of pakistan to understand who he's satirising a little more clearly
  • Imaginary Homelands (makes sense of a lot of the key ideas, but does it in a way that pisses me off because he's so convincing that its impossible to find a criticial voice to respond in)
  • Step Across this Line (another non-fiction book, seriously, U2?! i ask you. and i have serious reservations about his response to Afganistan, but i need to reread this
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories (oh wow this was so easy to read, like the best parts of his storytelling with all the complicated politics taken out, or at least made oblique, its a kids book written for his son but it is great)

What i need to read

  • The Moors Last sigh
  • Fury (this is weird cos its not set in India, i've started it so i better finish it!)
  • A HUGE AMOUNT of various literary theory on this subject, a biography of the prophet Muhammed that i bought from fopp (best ever, £3, oh yes!)
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