mute mouth mute mouth mute mouth

  • its not sexy, its just weird
  • it comes with green lung-gunk
  • i can't control the volume of the noises which do periodically come out which leads to all kinds of humourous events, like accidentally shouting at (an albeit idiot) girl in my class 'YOU KNOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE GAY OR A MAN TO BE HIV POSITIVE'
  • there were other scathing remarks that had to stay in my head after that
  • i can't make the calls i kind of need to today
  • i was gonna plead with the people who i bought my now-busted laptop from to part exchange it for me, but literally no words will come out.
  • thinking about it, could i win on sympathy there?
  • my nose is the only thing workin for breathing right now, and thats been perma-blocked for years, so i can actually make a sound, yes, its a nose whistle
  • i was thinking i could while away my quiet time at the gym, but the no-breathing thing means i nearly died walking up a short hill just now, so perhaps not.
  • i'm not even sure if i should just resign to 'being ill' or keep pretending so i can still go and do stuff
oct 10 2006 ∞
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