maria claudia. mary. 20 years old. she/her. teacher. single. basically, my life could be summed up in kpop. kpop was the best thing that ever happened to me. i entered in the 'kpop world' in the end of 2015. i am so glad i did. bangtan sonyeondan was my first. the first MV i watched was i need u, and it's my fav song until today. i have so much consideration about bts, because is for them i am here right now, so they'll always be in first on everything in my life. and ikon. ikon was the best thing that already happened to me. they're literally made me see the world with another eyes, and i am so thankful for everything they done to me. i met the love of my life. bobby. he is more than just an idol. he's not only my ult. he's my passion. he's my fav song. he's my fav movie. he's my wonderwall.i can't believe someone like him TRULY exist. and i am so glad that exist. i don't like being tagged, so that's me at the moment.

apr 30 2017 ∞
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