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Pisces : Mystical

  • The personality is extremely sensitive to its surroundings. Emotion and intuition are the elements guiding you. Here is the caring, artistic and spiritually inclined soul. Being perceptive and vulnerable, there is a tendency to be easily overwhelmed and to give way to fantasy or addictions as a buffer against what is perceived as a difficult or harsh world. By contrast, sometimes a natural mysticism and protective force shields one from a harsh reality. Occasionally genius is found here. There is vacillation and inconsistency as the personality reacts to a constantly changing environment.
    • (+) : caring, sympathetic, keenly perceptive, devoted, artistic, deep, compassionate
    • (-) : overly sensitive, vulnerable and fearful, moody, escapist, inconsistent

Gemini : Quickness

  • The personality is framed inside a restless, busy curiosity. You want to communicate with the world.
    • (+) : versatile, engaging, quick witted, clever, acutely perceptive, high spirited, well informed, likable, interesting, adaptable
    • (-) : flighty, cynical, disorganized, dissatisfied, changeable, inconsistent, fear of isolation

Leo : Warm Heart

  • Emotionally strong and confident, full of spirit. Yellow enlivens the personality and extends a feeling of cheerful optimism.
    • (+) : loving, expressive, inspiring, enthusiastic, romantic, assertive, creative, generous
    • (-) : childlike, proud, self indulgent, showy
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