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Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?

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Important things you need to know:

    • I love Lyon, Ares, Soren and Byleth fire emblem.
    • I love antags and morally grey characters.
    • Birds. ♡
    • Gilkidu. ♡
    • Space and robots and robots in space.
    • Post-apocalyptic and futuristic themes.
    • Writing and reading.
    • Vampires and angels.
    • Character/narrative analysis.
    • Dogs and cats and animals in general.
    • Video games and anime.
    • Me loving my friends.

Main interests!

    • Fire Emblem, Twewy, Kingdom Hearts, Nier/Nier Automata, Pixel horrors, Cyberpunk, ...
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Hey! I'm Lauren and I tweet a lot.

    • 24, she/they, chaotic neutral. Fire emblem and other various interests. Aspiring writer and lover of morally grey characters.
    • Goths, angels, vampires. ♡
    • Sometimes cosplay!
    • I'll talk about my novels + the characters often.

Comfort characters/ones I talk about the most:

    • Lyon, Soren, Ares, 707, 9S, Takumi, Yoshiya Kiryu, Leo Baskerville, Kuja, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Goro Akechi, Oswald, Garry & Alucard.

My novel characters I may bring up from time to time:

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Some things you'll probably pick up on when following me, but it's good to make a list too

    • I talk about my faves a lot.
    • Pretty slow with some replies but things can just fly over my head.
    • I'm a-ok with softblocking/unfollowing for your comfort! Nothing personal.
    • I hardly partake in fandom discourse.
    • I would prefer if you just unfollowed to muting! If I find out you've blocked me, I will probably block back to make things easier.
    • Generally nice! I talk more conversationally on discord and you're free to add if we are mutuals.
    • Basic rules here but obviously I'm not cool with anyone who is transphobic/racist/homophobic/nasty in general.
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