• When Lady Bird is self-pitying about sucking in math and that popular girl just says "maybe it's your mom's fault"
  • Lady Bird's mom's screaming at her because her room is messy and she answering quietly "Didn't you ever go to sleep without putting all your clothes away perfectly? Like even once? And don't you wish your mom hadn't gotten angry?"
  • Lady Bird screaming "you gimme a number for how much it cost to raise me, and I'm going to get older and make a lot of money and write you a check for what I own you so that I never have to speak to you again!" and her mom responding "I highly doubt that you will be able to get a good job enough to do that."
  • When Lady Bird get into her mom's car crying and her mom just... hugs her, despite of their fight
  • Lady Bird saying "Mom! You're giving me an eating disorder!" at the dressing room
  • The infamous "... I want you to be the very best version of yourself you can be" "What if this is the best version?" scene
  • Lady Bird overhappy because she FINALLY got her drive license
  • That dialogue where Lady Bird says that dry humping is better than sex
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