these listed here are only my favorites, not all the fics i've read.

It was four days before, and I never saw it coming

the thing with byun baekhyun is he wants a happy ending. the thing with park chanyeol is he is tall. this isn't a fairy tale. really, it isn't

Baekhyun doesn't want to go to jail and all Chanyeol wants to do is plow

and with every step more, the more blinding the lights engulfing him is. For the restart, he pushes himself. The light and heat soon devour Baekhyun and he feels the energy hitting him in full force before everything goes pitch black

Chanyeol stood in front of his locker, fixing his tie that felt like strangling him

The darkness engulfs the room. The chilly spring wind silently blows to the every corner. The worn out wooden floor and door creak. The droplet of water from the sink thunders. The sound of owls and crows join the party

Do you believe in happy endings?

"Baekhyun would've been Gandhi's favorite student. And Chanyeol...well, Chanyeol would've given Gandhi acidity."

When Baekhyun breaks, everything else does. Or so he thinks

“Except there you were—my lighthouse. When I look at you, I'm home.”

It is said that if you drop a letter off for a lost loved one at the Postbox Field, it will eventually find its way to heaven. Baekhyun comes to the Postbox with a letter of his own, and discovers that heaven may be a little closer to Earth than he thinks

park chanyeol has to battle violent flying monkeys when he finally realizes byun baekhyun is a girl

baekhyun's tired of falling. He just wants his own Dopey

Chanyeol's life is made miserable by a cyber criminal called Light. And then things get more complicated

Chanyeol and Baekhyun fall in love in the most unconventional of ways. This is the story of their love’s decadence, and how they pick up the pieces

The Slytherin sex god and Gryffindor prefect had always rubbed each other the wrong way

  • Stay ★★★ (nc-17,au,angst,romance)

It had been eight years since they got married, but they’ve practically been separated for seven

Baekhyun was, is, to Chanyeol, back then and even now, his everything

When the Library of Alexandria was salvaged from Caesar's fire, the world took an oath to protect intellectuality. But something is very wrong with the oath and with England—something Byun Baekhyun can't quite blame on the ongoing war with France and nationally reviled traitor Park Chanyeol

Park Chanyeol is inspired to write murder stories when he meets the cute Byun Baekhyun whom is a photographer for newborn babies

In which Chanyeol is in denial, Baekhyun is an acting god, and Luhan is a pushy know it all

Chanyeol is a thief and Baekhyun is hopelessly perfect

Baekhyun loves the wintertime, but he loves Chanyeol even more

Baekhyun has a one-sided rivalry with Chanyeol which begins with light, and then disappears with it

"They keep you here for your personality and customer service," their part-time coworker Kyungsoo once told him. "Though I have no idea why, because all you ever seem to do is creep everyone out and knock shit over." Chanyeol is pretty sure Kyungsoo just finds him adorable

Baekhyun spends a lifetime chasing after dreams only to realize he has been looking the wrong way all this time

Chanyeol believes in fairies. His nephew Jongin thinks he's ridiculously crazy. His brother Joonmyun thinks he's wonderfully imaginative. Is Chanyeol’s Fairy Tale real or make believe?

Baekhyun didn’t know how he ended up modeling for some art student’s midterm project. Or, well, he did — it started with rap music and a half-finished sketch, and then there was bad espresso and he couldn’t get that laugh out of his head. It’s all a little stupid, but maybe that’s okay

Chanyeol likes girls; Baekhyun likes girls. It’s up to the two of them to read between the lines

Baekhyun makes being in love easy

baekhyun gives chanyeol an unconventional gift

in which Chanyeol smiles too much, Baekhyun is a little bit of a cynic but they fall together anyway

in which Chanyeol ties a streamer around Baekhyun's neck and things happen

Chanyeol isn't usually like this. If anything, he's the opposite

Byun Baekhyun fades away only to be replaced by the main vocalist of EXO K, the other half of Baekyeol, Park Chanyeol's favorite accessory

Everything about Baekhyun's new life at university is eclipsed by a boy named Park Chanyeol, but he has no idea what he is getting himself into

As long as Park Chanyeol is by his side, Byun Baekhyun is fine with slowly destroying himself with the glamour of standing in front of the camera

Baekhyun is paranoid, Chanyeol is as optimistic as the hyper kid next door. And then there's that weird saying that goes something along the lines of opposites attract. Oh well

Love builds a home for two people to live in. To Baekhyun, Chanyeol is home, forever and always will be

internet addicted chanyeol is assigned a partner in lab

Steal some covers, share some skin

in which byun baekhyun is a dumbass who confesses his love to a hello kitty mascot

Baekhyun didn't have a date. So he hired one

Baekhyun is selfish, but Chanyeol finds that he doesn’t really mind

When a fiery red sports car stopped right under the "no parking" sign, baekhyun just sauntered over, like how he usually did, and guided them to the additional parking in rear. On the other hand, chanyeol, the driver, had no qualms about parking in rear. As long as it involved the blonde valet

About three things Baekhyun was absolutely positive. First, Chanyeol was an idiot. Second, there was a part of him that was insanely attractive despite his idiocy. Third, Baekhyun was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him

The worst part of travelling is leaving things behind, Baekhyun learns it the hard way

He's seen him before, over ten times in this club

Baekhyun makes plans and Chanyeol disagrees with most of them

Everything started as pure fanservice, until it develops into something else

Chanyeol is the CEO of Park Corporation and needs an assistant. Baekhyun is an attorney who applies for that job to save Luhan’s community center

Chanyeol has this bad habit of touching EVERYTHING. Baekhyun has a solution, and that solution is duct tape

Byun Baekhyun is single and tired of it. All of his friends are in deeply committed relationships and though he relishes his position as the only single one among them, he secretly wishes for what they have

Park Chanyeol finds himself warmly welcomed when he moves into his new apartment complex, so much so that his new friend and neighbour, Luhan, offers to set him up on a blind date


“Just friends” becomes a rather unconvincing excuse after you’ve been living together for some time, doing who-knows-what

Baekhyun had been on edge all day. It had all started when, in the rush to get out to schedule on time, Chanyeol had cornered him in the bathroom, pressing Baekhyun up against the sink and dotting sleepy kisses down the column of his neck

in which chanyeol is an assassin out to kill baekhyun, except he isn't very good at his job

This is quite simply my ode to Baekhyun's hips. Chanyeol is merely my instrument of choice

Baekhyun convinces Chanyeol to take viagra? It goes about as well as you’d expect

Baekhyun keeps getting dragged to basketball games as moral support for Kyungsoo, who only goes to spend time with Jongin. Things get a little more interesting though when Baekhyun gains an admirer in the form of the school mascot, Spot the wolf. But where’s Chanyeol during all of this?… Baekhyun finds out that maybe Spot’s puppy love for him isn’t such a bad thing

Chanyeol wanted a divorce

Baekhyun asked for a week

  • Hanamuke (on hiatus, author why u no finish this)

“I want this Baek. I want to know how good it feels like for Jongin and Kyungsoo having sex. I want to know if it’s as good as they let it out to be. I want this. I want you. Do this with me,” Chanyeol begs

  • Then Came You ★★★★★★★★★ (romance, humor, fluff, chaptered)

Chanyeol's life was perfect until....

"And why would I let someone I don't even know move in with me?" he asked incredulously

"Because I gave you my first kiss" Baekhyun answered

"I didn't ask for it!" Chanyeol exclaimed, certain that he was blushing like a schoolgirl

Then Byun Baekhyun comes along. Now everything's turned upside-down but he finds himself unwilling to let go

Because, maybe, his life before Byun Baekhyun wasn't so perfect at all

Park Chanyeol is facing the biggest problem in his life when his mother wanted him to get married, which is not really possible because he was freaking gay. So when he mets the girl he thought was a perfect candidate, he had a little hope of actually becoming straight and getting married. The plan was to ask her out on a date

The thing is, the girl's name is Baekhyun. And is a dude

There was no Plan B

Byun Baekhyun has had a crush on Park Chanyeol for as long as he can remember. that's been exactly two years, two months, three weeks and five days

every summer since his sophomore year he worked in a coffe shop with chanyeol. he learnt that chanyeol played a lot of sports, went to a private school somewhere, and that he was popular. really popular. but he didn't hear these things from chanyeol himself, no. it was from their co-workers

baekhyun's never talked to him in his life, and chanyeol has only said one word to him


right after he fucked baekhyun in a closet

after losing his virginity, baekhyun had been on cloud 9; this tall, hot, amazing boy had actually been interested in him. but then chanyeol quits his job the day after, and baekhyun didn't see him again for the rest of the summer

he spent the time moping, realizing that he was just a quick fuck-a summer fling that chanyeol had no real desire in besides sex

baekhyun never wanted to see that rat bastard again, and he was glad he didn't have to

until the day he's forced to transfer schools for his senior year. and the first face he happens to see?

Park. Fucking. Chanyeol.

Baekhyun hated Chanyeol. That was a fact. Did he have a real reason to? No. But just the same, he hated him. So in the long run, how does Chanyeol make Baekhyun fall madly in love with him?

  • Doublesend (kind of tumblr!au, also author i need this updated for my life)

Chanyeol's sexually frustrated and it's all Baekhyun's, tumblr's, and the anonymous button's fault

"But It's true. Because I really love you, Baekhyun!" Chanyeol hooks their pinkies together. "It's a promise"

where chanyeol calls baekhyun oppa but this is surprisingly g rated

it's baekhyun and chanyeol after four years

  • stuck! (fluff,romance,humour,pg,kaisoo)

It's raining and it's near midnight and they say anything can happen.Chanyeol is an awkwardly tall nerd, Baekhyun is the fad, Kyungsoo is an architecture student and Jongin looks like a homeless bum. And there's the two night guards who are up to no good. It's all about first meetings and not so first meetings... And the things that can happen in 12 minutes

Baekhyun is an exec at a top record label who is under pressure to scout and sign the Next Big Thing. He meets a free-spirited indie rock guitarist who turns his life upside down, along with his definition of the Next Big Thing. Will the cutthroat music industry bring them together, or tear them apart?

Love doesn't always make sense. Baekhyun learns this the hard way

Byun Baekhyun is a shut in anime otaku and his roommates Yixing and Jongdae asks social butterfly Park Chanyeol for help

Baekhyun wasn't exactly planning to end up having sex with the school's flunking bad boy

“When you’re single and I’m still single when you reach 28, let’s just be together?” “Are you crazy?”

Chanyeol wakes up late and doesn't get his starter Pokemon. Sehun advises he become a Pokemon breeder instead, so he meets Baekhyun the Pokemon breeder. Suho is a Meganium out to cockblock Chanyeol's attempts with his calming abilities. Kai is a psychic. Kyungsoo likes to eat donuts

baekhyun thinks there's a little music in everything

Chanyeol gets demoted, which results in him meeting The Guy aka Byun Baekhyun

Chanyeol is weird. Baekhyun is disinterested. Jongin is the thing of the devil. Kris is a creature from an evil dimension

Jongin continues to be evil. Kris continues to be more evil. And now Chanyeol and Baekhyun are weird together

If people were the rain, then Chanyeol would be a drizzle and Baekhyun was a hurricane. They just weren't destined to be together

Baekhyun couldn't stop, because loving Chanyeol was the best thing in the world

Baekhyun hated summer. But that summer, there was Chanyeol

Baekhyun wanted to just try. Because he knew if he ever fall, Chanyeol was going to be there to catch him

True love was umpredictable, because no one would be able to know when, where, how and who. But for Chanyeol, it was always Baekhyun

For Baekhyun, love is falling for Chanyeol

Chanyeol let go of the bride and realized it was the best decision he had ever made

Chanyeol was insensitive. Baekhyun needed someone the opposite

Baekhyun isn’t sure how to mourn over the loss of something that is still seemingly there

Chanyeol doesn’t want to ‘get to know’ the guy who comes to every show dressed in a bright gold jacket and carrying a glittery sign with Chanyeol’s name on it. Except, well, he kind of does

This trip is still the worst idea Chanyeol has ever had but he’s thinking it might be the best, too

Baekhyun hates the smell of cigarette smoke, but Chanyeol is the biggest sweetheart alive

Chanyeol loves Baekhyun but he’s too shy to admit it. His hopes for Baekhyun turns into fanfics, or idolfics, in this matter, because Chanyeol wrote them, and everyone is getting slightly annoyed

Park Chanyeol has an unhealthy obsession with typefaces and the cute guy who makes his coffee every morning

It happened spontaneously, but their love didn’t

WEEKLY BLACKJACK NIGHT is a thing, and Chanyeol is the best unintentional cheater ever, until Byun Baekhyun drops by with his pretty hands and perfect teeth and beats the pants off him. Not literally. CHANYEOL IS NOT WEIRD, OKAY

Baekhyun is in love with another guy, not knowing the perfect one might be beside him all along

The first time Chanyeol sees Byun Baekhyun, there are cherry blossom petals floating in the air behind him

Baekhyun does homework and Chanyeol is weird. Also, Jongin is a caveman and Joonmyun is married to his iPhone

Chanyeol is convinced that a relationship will never work for him, but Baekhyun insists

Baekhyun can totally cream you with his math skills

Chanyeol falls in love. Baekhyun needs a few minutes to process that

Chanyeol has no idea who he is. Baekhyun decides to help him find out, and realizes he might have known all along

As roommates and best friends, Baekhyun and Chanyeol have grown accustomed to jerking off next to each other. So Chanyeol suggests they exchange handjobs instead, because of course, it'll "feel better". Baekhyun isn't so sure

Baekhyun somehow ends up in a white miniskirt. This is obviously because of Chanyeol. Chanyeol thighfucks him

Baekhyun has a boyfriend. His name is Chanyeol. Baekhyun comes back from a business trip to find said boyfriend snug in bed—with another man

  • BAM (nc-17,lap!baek,2278w)

Baekhyun and Chanyeol are playing video games, but then Baekhyun wants to fuck on the couch

even roommates Baekhyun and Chanyeol have difficulty getting some alone time. Joonmyun is a cockblock

Where Chanyeol is playing video games and Baekhyun decides having sex on a bean bag is a good idea

  • Used ★★★★★★★★★ (angst,light smut,nc-17,100w, even tho this is so short this breaks my kokoro into tiny little pieces)

Baekhyun is merely a tool for Chanyeol

Chanyeol is tired of Baekhyun's motorbike impression, so he makes motorbike noises into Baekhyun's ass

Baekhyun doesn't see Chanyeol more than a best friend but Chanyeol does

Baekhyun wonders when this started, when being with Chanyeol became simultaneously the cause of the fluttering in his stomach and the one thing that could calm it

This is when Baekhyun makes the biggest mistake of his life

Webcelebrity and cosmetics connoisseur Byun Baekhyun finds himself in a predicament when he finds out his make-up tutorials have been parodied by a Park Chanyeol

  • B. Blossom ★★★★★★★★★ (NC-17,smut,domestic abuse, 22155w)

"There is no such thing as a rose without thorns." Baekhyun is a florist working in Seoul, South Korea who reluctantly hires rich-boy Park Chanyeol to be his assistant by chance despite his inability to understand flowers. What Baekhyun doesn't know is that he's just met the man who will save his life in more ways than one

Baekhyun really believes that his best friend, Detective Park Chanyeol, is getting stupider these past few days

Baekhyun may or may not have a tiny little crush on Chanyeol but he also loves the person who invented peepholes

Baekhyun's always wanted a dog. Chanyeol is close enough

After years of being mistaken as a couple, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are determined to prove that they most certainly are not a couple. Not at all

Chanyeol is a super human. Baekhyun is his husband and Shadow is his anti-hero. Oddly enough, he never sees the two in the same room

  • purgatorio for two ★★★★★★★★★ (PG-13,implied!suicide,semi!characterdeath,implied!depression,15400w)

Baekhyun goes searching for someone important and finds himself on a bus that takes him into a future that leads back to the past

They hate each other in real life, they’re in love on Kakao Talk

Baekhyun is stuck in the world of materialism and being a boss ass bitch

Chanyeol sees Baekhyun everywhere, in all things. This becomes especially apparent in his absence

in which baekhyun is desperately in love and chanyeol gets a girlfriend

this is baekhyun and this is chanyeol. tonight will be their last night together

Chanyeol asked for an autograph, Baekhyun gave him everything

"my netflix wasn’t working so i called the netflix dude and after he fixed it he said let’s try it out and see if it worked so we watched an hour long movie together and idk i think it was a date "

Why do they always have to meet at the wrong time?

chanyeol thinks baekhyun's hip thrust looks stupid. there are consequences

it just happened

10/œ of letters proving how much C loves B

where chanyeol talks too much about baek being flat as a board but this isn't about her boobs at all

i just can’t find a way to let go of you

Baekhyun thought he'd grow old and die a virgin

it's valentines day

Dear Chanyeol....

chanyeol was born into this world and baekhyun was a mere nameless face

What was supposed to be a day of self-discovery at an old book store turns into a journey back to the past when Chanyeol bumps into an old flame

interviews are pretty nerve-wracking. more so when you've got a vibrator up your ass

chanyeol stumbles upon baekhyun sleeping in his room, and gets and idea. luckily, baekhyun is the heavy-sleeper type

For three years, Chanyeol had watched people come and go in SM Entertainment. He would wake up to find his roommates suddenly gone, and his heart would jump in his chest because he was still there

For two years, Baekhyun had been silently admiring and crushing on Oh Sehun, who he knows is kind and caring even though his cold stature says otherwise. One day, he takes a leap of faith. He writes a love letter and slips it into what he thinks is Oh Sehun's locker

In an attempt to settle a three generation family feud, Baekhyun has to marry someone from the other family. Being the silently rebellious son that he is, he decides to ditch home two days before a formal meeting was suppose to take place. He runs off with nothing but his wallet, some cash, and his I.D. Knowing that being on the streets would make it more likely of him being found—with the connections of a friend—Baekhyun ends up being the maid of a large villa on the beach belonging to the infamous Park's only son: Park Chanyeol

The brunet, who listened to nothing but punk and styled himself in ripped jeans and hoodies, believed that he and the basketball starlight of the school were a paradox

Baekhyun wasn't exactly what Chanyeol had in mind

Open up a browser's history and you can read someone's story

dear boy, I fell in love on a snowy day. I will be yours forever as long as you’ll be mine

chanyeol knows it's crazy but he says it anyway

Chanyeol is just trying to run his museum without any help from Mr. Stuck-Up Byun Baekhyun. Unfortunately, that might be too much to ask

A memory buried six feet below the ground, a face that can only be recalled through dried up tears and choked sobs, a name spoken only in whispers; that was what he had become

It’s been three weeks since the first star exploded. It’s been three hours since the sun began to burn everything to dust. Baekhyun doesn’t want to think about how much time they have left now

Autumn of junior year, Baekhyun joined a band

baekhyun asks chanyeol answers

  • interim ★★★ (pg-13,multiple character death,5428w)

He chases Baekhyun through the millennia

Baekhyun is not really a famous idol, but a teenage girl with a crush on his bodyguard

Baekhyun is a fashion designer whose studio caught fire and Chanyeol is a firefighter who saves him. Chanyeol's motto is 'Find 'em hot, leave 'em wet'

Baekhyun is gender dysphoric and believes he's a girl. Chanyeol is his protective younger brother

In the circus, there is a boy. He will fall in love, and then a certain death awaits

chanyeol is really obsessed with shoujo manga and a certain byun baekhyun

Chanyeol muses over blogs dedicated to particular parts of Baekhyun's body. Baekhyun is mortified

It started off as a game of cat and mouse, when did things start becoming so real?

Mornings with Baekyeol are usually sweet

A window that saves them from their miseries

In which Baekhyun is a huge fan of SNSD and Chanyeol looks nothing like Seohyun

Baekhyun was sold to Exotic as slave and was brought by a man called Park Chanyeol

Baekhyun gets taken on his own whirlwind shojo fantasy

Baekhyun plans a special treat for Chanyeol

Chanyeol can feel Baekhyun’s love for him falling through his fingertips

Just a day in the life

Chanyeol could grow fires in the palms of his hands; Baekhyun could only grow dread in the pit of his stomach

When Chanyeol's heart isn't somewhere out at sea, it belongs to Baekhyun

He lived in a world of red

they're drunk frat boys and Baekhyun dares Chanyeol to spend the night at the campus cemetery. He may or may not end up possessed

The night Chanyeol is supposed to return from filming Roommates, Baekhyun stays up waiting for him

Baekhyun is just another passing being in Chanyeol's immortal life, but why does his absence make it feel like he's so much more than that?

I had a dream last night. You told me you didn't want to marry him

Chanyeol's a musician, but Baekhyun hates his shit

Chanyeol goes back in time to kill a chicken, but he finds more trouble than he signed up for

Every time Chanyeol tries to send a text to Baekhyun, the only thing that comes up is "Error"

baekhyun was detoxifying his face and chanyeol wore his favorite shirt

baekhyun just wants to pass his finals and chanyeol plus ramen couldn't be a better combination

Somewhere in the middle of a wide field stood a lone silhouette with a controller in his hand and a plane in the sky

Chanyeol rarely has moments in which he truly cares for something. Someone

They say goodbye to their temporary foster cat, Mr. Ben Ben, and Chanyeol comforts a sad Baekhyun

I always wondered what is at the end of that road he wanted me to go

Chanyeol makes the mistake of agreeing to write letters that Jongin can use to woo Baekhyun. He is now stuck between his best friend and his long time crush

The boy pushed two cups into his hands and nodded at the tip jar set off to the side. It had read 'Looking: 1000 won; Talking 5000 won.'

Where Baekhyun has self-esteem issues and Chanyeol loves every part of him

All Baekhyun wanted to know was what his soul mate would look like. He thinks that Chen, the new psychic on campus, is a fraud when he makes the mistake of seeing him. However, he's in for a surprise when he runs into his described soul mate, Chanyeol, who turns his life upside-down

Baekhyun finds that having one of those days, when the whole world is against you, when the storms arise and only thunder down on you, isn't all that bad

Chanyeol's obsessed with the word 'our' and he loves Baekhyun a bit too much

there's a little bit of chanyeol in everything and it makes it so hard for baekhyun to let go

Chanyeol and Baekhyun found that 140 characters wasn't enough for them anymore

Chanyeol loves that Baekhyun is like his perfect little puppy, but Baekhyun refuses to allow himself to be degraded to such an unbelievable comparison. But what happens when Baekhyun realizes Chanyeol is right, and that it's not so bad?

Chanyeol really wants to dye his hair, some obnoxious color, something fun, something exciting. Baekhyun doubts his abilities. Little does he know, he'll regret it when he wakes up from his nap

Sometimes, waking up on a stranger's floor isn't the worst thing that can happen to someone, as Baekhyun finds out one morning

Have you ever wondered why do you need to write your name on your own belongings?

In which Chanyeol is a former idol and Baekhyun is a sasaeng

The time god observed from the heavens as a boy named Byun Baekhyun, a servant of the Sun god's temple, fall more and more for Park Chanyeol, the current sun god. Baekhyun was always there, sitting from a distance. Always

When Baekhyun was born, he had a mindset, he wasn’t told about it nor was he briefed about it, but he knew, he knew he had to find it

falling in love with his best friend was definitely not something on Chanyeol's bucket list

Baekhyun and Chanyeol have very different opinions on what makes a good snowcone, but they still love each other anyway

Baekhyun doesn't understand why Chanyeol is so obsessed with playing make believe as a wolf puppy, especially since it always seems to end in Baekhyun getting scared or crying. Baekyun just wants to be friends with Chanyeol, but can he be friends with a boy who would rather be a puppy?

What ever it is, if it's to do with Chanyeol, Baekhyun will like it

Chanyeol didn't give a flying fuck about school because he had no motivation. He wasn't an easy guy to handle, either, which explains why his parents called in Baekhyun, a tutor with an A+ rating

Letting a stranger video tape you fucking your best friend is ok if its for money...right?

Baekhyun has finally had enough of clinging to the shredded remains of his broken relationship. Chanyeol only realizes this far too late

on slow days, chanyeol likes wearing something a little more risqué

Chanyeol gets shampoo in his eye and Baekhyun helps him out

chanyeol is a sasaeng in denial and baekhyun is just along for the ride

chanyeol has a furry problem. not that kind

Baekhyun refused to give up searching for a boy who disappeared four years ago

Baekhyun never expected meeting a prince - no, not Prince Charming (he wished) - could change his life in so many ways

Chanyeol has to move to the middle of nowhere, he thinks it's going to be boring as hell; until the woods call to him and he finds himself in the middle of a situation he'd never expect, even in his wildest dreams

Baekhyun can't seem to move on from his boyfriend Jongin, in which he can't recall the last time they've spoken

in the beginning, the world was his constant, love was his hypothesis, and park chanyeol was his variable

The next thing he knew, however, was that he was standing at the foot of the bed, completely naked and Baekhyun was dressed and holding onto what looked like a wad of thin black rope

Through a string of link clicking, Baekhyun comes across a poerty sharing forum. He finds one piece that he really likes, unable not to comment on it. "Reading this made me want to fall in love again." The writer responds almost immediately. "Yeah, it makes me want to fall in love too."

In which Baekhyun falls in love with Chanyeol but is a really bad listener.

Two lonely individuals, Baekhyun and Chanyeol, whom rendevous on the regular, are always clouded slightly with the knowledge that soon one of them will have to leave the intimate misgivings happening under the covers. But tongiht, away from the world, can they make it last, perhaps forever?

Baekhyun had a perfect life. He didn’t need any more material things. The only thing he wanted was a mate who could someday give him pups.

  • hey na na ★★★ (nc-17,comedy,romance,12998w)

According to Jongin, Chanyeol was a solid five while Baekhyun was a hard ten. Chanyeol would never imagine dating someone on Baekhyun’s level. Someone so out of his league. How can a 10 go for a 5?

Chanyeol is anti-Baekhyun. Baekhyun is pro-Chanyeol. Alternatively: Chanyeol doesn’t like a particular boy who sits in his calculus class because of his face

The first time Chanyeol heard Baekhyun sing, really sing, he decided that he was in love. Or rather, in Chanyeol’s language, he decided that he would gallantly pay for the jajangmyeon they ordered every Tuesday and Thursday from then on

"Excuse me, I think that's my coffee you have there"

Baekhyun doesn't like losing,but what he doesn't like more is losing to Park Chanyeol

until perdition shines upon you like the lights of heaven out of your reach

chanyeol is off playing with kyungsoo and baekhyun wants chanyeol's attention

Baekhyun folds his heart into paper cranes, spreads delicate wings over the diameter of his soul.(But Park Chanyeol only knows how to throw them into the fire.)

chanyeol is an awkward derp, and baekhyun loves him for it. awkward phone sex

Because Byun Baekhyun is Park Chanyeol’s favorite person in the whole wide world

In which Chanyeol, casually slumped on his couch, just dialed the wrong phone number and ended making a sexy-cheesy serenade to a boy he didn't even know

Because Chanyeol and Baekhyun can't stand being in different rooms for more than five minutes, or Chanyeol and Baekhyun get it on in the confines of a noraebang room during the filming of Exo Showtime

maybe he's just a little more tired than he thought he was

Well you know what they say, if you can't date your bias, date a fanboy. That's the next best thing

nov 11 2013 ∞
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