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Sehun is a photograph, a photographer, a killer, a ghost searching for a place in the world

Perfection is a hard thing to live up to

You tickled my ear as you whispered love to me, but now, where did we go wrong?

Sehun's suffering from the grief of his father's death and Lu Han tries to help, but sometimes, he just wants to give up and cry himself to sleep

On their drive home at 2 am in the morning, Luhan and Sehun stumble upon their biggest nightmare: Someone on the road

Sehun had always wondered what it would be like to live for a purpose. he found that purpose with luhan, the boy was sitting near the windowsill on that one fine, spring day

sehun helps luhan remember, again and again

twenty-six episodes, twenty-six moments in the intersected lives of SeHun and LuHan, defined by words, in turn defined by moments, all in alphabetical order

Falling in love, for Sehun, came with retributions of meetings with the wretched mini-Whomping Willow and learning that not everything could be solved with a simple swish of the wand, but, everything was worth it if he could have Lu Han in the end

Luhan contained a whole universe that Sehun had yet to know; and when fate pulls the strings, the whole world must dance

Lu Han has an unhealthy addiction

  • basorexia (nc17, hunhan/sekai a soap opera/kdrama au; generous helpings of melodrama)

sehun is a young architect living in domestic bliss with his lover, part-time lounge singer lu han. when sehun takes a trip blocto guam, he unwittingly meets and has an affair with kim jongin, heir to kkam resorts. what was supposed to be a one-time only thing becomes more permanent, however, when kkam resorts becomes sehun's new client


they spend the night in each other’s arms before their inevitable separation

Sehun returns to Korea after years abroad and runs into his old friend, Jongin. Jongin has built quite a life for himself and he welcomes Sehun with open arms. Jongin has everything a man could possibly want: a lucrative job, expensive possessions, and someone waiting for him at home at the end of the day.But why is it that when Sehun meets Luhan, Jongin's live-in lover, he can't shake the feeling that it's him Luhan really needs?

sehun wanted to talk so baldy with luhan even though they got language problems

Sehun only really had dance, bubble tea and Kai (much to his chagrin) until he met an otaku named Lu Han) (Prequel to Plushie Addiction

Wake up, wake up, the young prince is here

Lu Han is a solitary artist experiencing the woes of first love

Sehun, Jongin and Luhan are all members of a dance class. Jongin is a flirt. Sehun wants Luhan. Things go nasty

three brothers. three personalities. three love stories

“Angry?” Sehun asks as he holds their intertwined hands up and Luhan laughs, his eyes crinkling at the corners. ”Nope.”

  • butterfly (drama,pg13, mild incest&pedophilia tones, courtesan!AU, 6.5k)

your small wings just want to fly towards me, i see you waving your hand beckoning me to go to your side, those pitiful eyes

sehun is emotionally & verbally crippled. but yay, lu han is there to save our ship, on the sideline, chanyeol harasses yifan on a regular basis

Lu Han is shit-poor and bonds with a group of misfit college students over a really crappy cottage

The evolution of Chef Sehun. In which Lu Han has to deal with moody chefs, no one can catch a break in the kitchen or out, and EXO is a four star restaurant

Sehun has a job he doesn’t know how he landed, he has six incredibly annoying coworkers, and sadly, he fell for one of them. Complications ensue

Luhan should never have left China

how sehun’s dancing brings lu han to the yard

Jongin drags Sehun to an overpriced art class, where he obviously finds a cute boy slash graphic design demi-god. Oh and probably lots of necessary cusses and unnecessary adjectives

luhan lives in a world in which love is seen as a disease, and he’s always believed them, at least until he meets oh sehun

In our time, we have discrimination down to a science

In that last heart shattering second, all that matters is who has stripped themselves entirely from the truth and plunged himself headfirst into a life of lies

sehun is a classic introvert. luhan is a classic extrovert. but they’re lucky to have each other all the same

in which rivalry turns into something a little nicer

Sehun, who currently doesn’t own a cell phone, creates an entirely unique one from his own imagination, and that’s when he receives a call from a young boy named Luhan. Inevitably, friendship blooms between them

Sehun is putting the C in chemistry

Sehun got mad and because of this, Luhan ended up forgetting about everything that revolves around the both of them. If only there is a way to gain back his memory

they met in a dream

in which lu han and yixing are pretentious art students while sehun is a lonely competitive bicyclist

Because there are times that Lu Han needs the assurance that he can still have this effect on Sehun. That he can still make explosions

Sehun found himself nearing hair-pulling levels when he ended up paying the rent for the second time Lu Han looked up at him with that damned baby face and wide eyes and said sadly, “Ah, Sehunnie, I think I maxed out my credit card again.”

luhan is looking for heaven

"Where is my home, Oh Sehun?"

In which Exo-K fights to be Sehun’s first kiss and Luhan is oblivious as fuck

Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste – Luhan uses them all to love Sehun just a little bit more

Once upon a time, there hadn’t always been springs or autumns. There used to only be shining summers and dead winters

M is a relatively successful Chinese restaurant in the heart of Seoul, but there’s an ominous 'Coming Soon!' sign across the street. Could this brand new Korean restaurant run them out of business? Lu Han is determined to do his part to keep their business afloat — but wait, one of their Korean rivals is pretty cute. Kris is going to kill him

in which jongin’s annoyed at sehun because he’s stupid

sehun is a hot topic model and luhan owns too many pairs of stressed vintage jeans

Somewhere among the fondant flowers, paste food coloring, and melted chocolate and butter, Sehun finds something sweeter. Somewhere between the marshmallow fluff and the honey, Luhan finds something to love. Warning for actual copious amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup

when you're in highschool, every little thing feels like the end of the world

sehun always acted like he was strong. luhan just happened to notice that he actually wasn't

It's never just fanservice

it all started with kyuhyun promising luhan girls in tiny skirts. or, three times luhan ran into oh sehun (while running away from kim kibum)

In which there is a road trip, no one can figure out how to start a fire, and Lu Han's life is really hard

Lu Han was not in a good place when he first came to Korea. Basically cooking, cooking from Lu Han’s POV

Sehun and Kai are kittens that Lu Han and Kyungsoo adopt from the same litter

luhan's first time at a dance battle and his heart goes wub wub wub

in which luhan is an unfeeling hybrid and sehun’s the son of his creator

the world’s a small place, and lives intertwine as easily as counting to three

Sehun has a leash and Kyungsoo is lucky to have called earlier in the evening

“Baekhyun would’ve been Gandhi’s favorite student. And Chanyeol…well, Chanyeol would’ve given Gandhi acidity.”

EXO!mean girls

All Luhan ever wanted was to be a superhero, is that really too much to ask for?

In which, SeHun has an affinity for English and a loathing for Math, while LuHan is a Math nerd that hates English

for when the wind blows, there will be nothing left except the fleeting memories that will constantly remind you what you had was real

in which luhan is a cram school teacher with his ears still intact

In which Lu Han channels his longing for Sehun into an obsession with calculus and subsequently drives everyone insane

in which luhan is a new sassy exchange student from china and sehun is jongin’s shy best friend who is enamoured

Waiting is but a game

  • linear (AU, Angst, PG, onesided!sehun → luhan, onesided!jongin → sehun)

SeHun is clingy. Everyone says so; it's a known fact. He needs to have his arms wrapped around someone else, requires the presence of another hand in his

Lu Han is an angel and falls for someone he isn’t meant to fall for. Oops

Sehun offers second chances everyday, to everyone except himself

They say the human mind is the most brilliantly complex, most powerful machine ever studied. Several billion times more advanced than the best computer or any piece of technology ever made

sehun is a student and lu han is his teacher. sehun likes his teacher. a lot

there comes a time in every life when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your heart

Lu Han is an artist who basks in the darkness of night while Sehun dances in the blinding rays of the sun

In which Lu Han is decidedly homosexual and Sehun is a sociology major; also, Zi Tao likes boobs

It’s a word that’s stuck in the back of his throat. It chokes and strangles him but he just can’t seem to say it out loud. He can’t seem to say it to him

in which sm entertainment is built upon lost souls, nothing is what it appears to be, and lu han finds himself having to make sacrifices in order to take a step closer to the truth

In which, LuHan is the lonely golden boy, and SeHun is a rabbit with feelings

In which Sehun attempts to plan a surprise birthday party for Luhan and Chanyeol really wants some watermelon

Sehun and Luhan try to be good parents. Baekhyun wins the best father award

Luhan doesn’t allow anyone to lie on his bed. Except for maybe one person

Luhan doesn’t think he’s good enough

"Always," SeHun repeats. He says it like a promise. He means it, too

In which, Sehun is sick and Luhan is his cure

Exo-M leaves for China and Sehun and Luhan text everyday one thing they love about each other until they're reunited

phosphenes (noun): a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light

It also pains him that after all their time together, he has only now fallen in love with LuHan

Lu Han was a an otaku with a thing for all things cute and cuddly. And Oh Sehun

Luhan flirts, Sehun thinks he's flirting but he's really just laughing too loudly at Luhan's lame jokes, and Jongin conducts a science experiment. Then there's Kyungsoo who judges them all

And I cry; not for him, nor for myself, but for the insignificant moment that 'could have been'..."

Sehun comes to the realization that he desperately needs Lu Han by his side every day

It’s only been a day since the international announcement of the world’s end and Sehun still hasn’t started panicking yet

Sehun is a graduating high school student who agrees to audit an organic chemistry course at the university that his moms’ friend teaches. Luhan is the teaching assistant

In which Sehun has a massive crush on a certain boy at a candy store and Zitao laughs at his sad plight on a daily basis

Lu Han is Sehun's roommate and Sehun has a list of reasons why he is perfect

just a little glimpse of domestic!hunhan

Sehun turns around harshly when their eyes meet, blinking back bitter tears as he convinces himself he’s not sad he’s not sad he’s not sad. But who was he kidding. He had just perfectly ruined a great friendship with his own hands

I give you space to breath, freedom to wander… I never pushed you away, you simply have to step forward and take what is rightfully yours

As Yunho tries to escape his past with Jaejoong, he watches Luhan and Sehun and glimpses the future

sapiosexuality (noun) - a behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use

In which Lu Han is a clumsy waiter at Sehun's favorite cafe. But it's Sehun who falls the hardest

Every year the seasons change; from spring to summer to autumn to winter. But their love for each other will always stay the same

In which Luhan has to go back to china (for Exo-M purposes) and Sehun gives him his precious jacket as a keepsake

Set in twelve scenes. Luhan disappears without a trace. Sehun is determined to find him

I'm going to protect you until I die. I'm going to protect you even after that

"I swear," LuHan whisper-slurs at his monitor, "that boy is probably going to die from lip balm poisoning, and--"

In which Hunhan = annoying couple that texts each other when they're sitting side by side

In which Luhan is just a little too naïve, Chen is just a little too much of an asshat, and Sehun is just an allergy

They are simply doctor and patient who are playing a game of cat and dog

As a child, Sehun loses his soul. As a child, Luhan discovers what dreams in others' minds are like. No longer children, their paths cross and diverge into one

Lu Han ages both forward and backward, bearing sacrifice for success

lu han dispenses touches like candy. and he’s so adorable. sehun hates him. definitely maybe

Lu Han thinks he's a very trivial person, with a very unproductive life. He thinks he's boring, which is why the world just won't let him be happy. He finds happiness in pastries behind glass cases, chocolate milk, old people, and sayings he's picked up along his 23 years of existence. But he meets Sehun, and everything blows up in flashes of light, and cheese, and soju, and obnoxious Rihanna songs. Somewhere along the way of finding who they are, love happens. Because, really, it was bound to happen anyway

luhan really loves being a teacher and he thinks it's his job to help his students succeed. sehun just has a totally wrong impression of what that means

Jongin had started counting the hours. He had started counting the minutes, seconds and milliseconds. How long until it was his time? How long until he became infected as well

sehun meditates the lost between heaven and hell

Sehun doesn't know what he's getting into when he stumbles upon an abandoned music room in SM High

Lu Han runs a thumb along the torn skin and this staggering wave of angerfearworry washes through him and he doesn’t know what to do with any of it because Sehun isn’t his in any sense of the word despite the mineminemine pounding in his head

My name is Sehun. I am a first generation Operative, and a last generation Human. The World I live in now is one I hope you will never have to experience, because when civilization ends, the battle for survival begins

years later, luhan is still eternally 18 but sehun isn’t

In a series of moments, just like wanderers getting tangled up in their own stories, they start to remember

they’re made for life out in the human world, coloured metal walking amongst breathing flesh. all of them, that is, but one

Sehun goes on a mission and forgets everything

Luhan is a Shadowhunter, Kris is the leader of the Seoul Institute and Tao is High Warlock. The descent into hell is an easy one

in which luhan thinks he has his life figured out, and then sehun comes along and knocks some sense into him

The colours are unnerving and out of place but pretty, much like Sehun

Sehun is sent to the edge of the known universe, and Lu Han is left behind

in which Sehun tries to hold on the best he can as Lu Han forgets everything

It’s been three days since he got thrown out of the hospital on an unbelievably thorough recovery, and Luhan still hasn’t spoken a word to him

Just drafted into the war, Luhan serves under Lieutenant Oh, and together they struggle to find the words that encompass their thoughts and hopes, while fending off the inevitable grasp of Death

Lu Han likes playing dating sim games and Sehun isn't about to lose to some virtual characters if he can help it

After EXO-M leaves, it takes Sehun a few days to adjust to the change. The first couple mornings, he still slows to a stop at the corner where the two dorms merge onto the same street before he remembers that he isn't waiting for anyone anymore. The days leading up to the official debut are oddly disquiet, filled with peaking emotions and restless anticipation. Their manager sends them home early the night before their first live. "Think of it as a final trainee gift," he tells them

Sehun thinks the joke would be funny if it weren't the last night they'll have off in probably months

In which Luhan is paid to be insane, Tao is paid to be depressing, and Jongin and Sehun are paid to stand around shirtless. Kyungsoo is caught somewhere in the middle

Luhan’s mother died and all he has left is his violin. One day he travels to the ocean and meets someone very special

  • waiting (pg, romance/character centric)

Luhan remembers what it's like to wait

in which Lu Han pretends

he writes everything down, except the way lu han’s eyes seem just as bottomless as the abyss itself

sometimes it’s impossible to start life anew

in which the subway can bring you anywhere you want

Sehun comes and goes with the wind

because there will never be enough hunhan fluff in the world

oh sehun was a brat. a handsome, flawless brat

in which they give up their aspirations for one another

In which sehun looks like death and it’s taking a toll on both him and luhan

in which EXO is a HS soccer team and there’s LUST between hunhan

in which they are lawyers with a past


based off the movie The Vow

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