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  • 챙 (Chaeng)

Cherry's nickname which is the shorter version of her real name 'Chaeyoung'.

  • 짜리/쫘리 (Jjari/Jjoari)

Cherry's newly founded nickname and was mentioned in recent Good Day Communication Live vlive. It came about because it's when you mentioned 'Cherry' really fast then it shortens to 짜리/쫘라.

  • 쭈골미 (Squirrel)

Kim Jiwon's nickname because she looks like a squirrel. Introduced when she was introducing herself.

  • 먹지원 (MukJiwon)

Earned from the program KBS The Unit. She keeps eating on the broadcast and hence earned that nickname.

  • 나면/나몐 (Namen/Namyeon)

Not sure where the origins came about but the other members calls Nayoon with that.

  • 나나 (Nana)

Viva calls Nayoon as Nana based on twitter update Viva made on Nayoon's graduation day.

  • 망구 & 마은/마으니 (Mangu & Maeun(i))

Not sure where Mangu came about but it was used a lot in the earlier Good Day debut days. Maeun is the common nickname for Haeun that is used by the members even until today.

  • 김빵만 & 뿡만이. (Kim Bbangman, Bbongman).

Kim Bomin's nickname; also commonly used by the members especially Bbongman.

  • 김젠가 (Kim Jenga)

Coined by herself in GoodDay_2_U reality ep where she (Bomin) says she is the master of Jenga.

  • 뿡디 & 망디 (BbongD, MangD)

Bomin and Haeun's DJ names on their BbongMaeun segment. The 'D' stands for DJ. So their nicknames + d(j) = BbongD/MangD

  • 하나되기 (HanaDoegi)

Nickname to call Haeun and Nayoon. First coined in their 하나되기 vlive for their HARU CHOICE segment which they won (by rock, scissors, paper again the Lucky, Chaesol & Jiwon team).

  • The Jiwons (작지, 큰지, 황지)

There are 3 Jiwons in the group. Kim Jiwon, Kim Jiwon (Genie) and Hwang Jiwon (Viva). Hence came about their nicknames. 작지 (SmallJi) for Kim Jiwon, 큰지 (BigJi) for Genie because she's older, and 황지 (HwangJi) for Viva.

  • 하나보리 (HaNaBoRi)

Nickname to call Ha(eun), Na(yoon), Bo(min) and Cherry(ri) As confnirmed by the vlive on 31st Jan 2018

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