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"Perhaps, in this universe, there exists a sole, absolute truth. Perhaps it clarifies every question. But that is beyond the reach of these short hands." - Yang Wenli

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  • Doom series (Final Doom was the real Doom 3, TNT: Evilution is best, Plutonia can take a hike)
  • Zelda series (never played Majora's Mask; didn't have an N64)
  • Half Life series (Please come home)
  • Team Fortress 2 (3k+ hours over 6 years)
  • Fallout series (New Vegas is best)
  • Final Fantasy series (I & IV-VII only, VI is best)
  • Seiken Densetsu (Final Fantasy Adventure in NA)
  • Metroid series (Super Metroid is best)
  • Hotline Miami series (It's on the house...)
  • Pokemon series (I left my heart in Sinnoh. and Johto.)
  • Minecraft (Beta 1.7.3 for life)
  • Tyranny (Obsidian)
  • Heavy Bullets
  • Nethack
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