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「 • lapin s. eleanor • 17 • she/they • 」
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hi!! im lapin/mercy!! I also go by devil! it's a pleasure to meet you! i'm 17 and high school senior who doesn't know what she's doing, to be quite honest.

some basics:

  • an actual, irl bunny typing on a keyboard on the internet.
  • i'm a nonbinary girl and my pronouns are they/them unless we are close friends. if we're mutuals you can use she/her but i prefer them used interchangeably!
  • if we are mutuals, have known each other for over a year or IRL then feel free to call me tea! I usually prefer any friends call me tea tho!
    • otherwise, please call me lapin!!
  • Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Mein Deutsch ist nich sehr gut.
    • ...Ich bin aber bereit zu übe jederzeit!...
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While I don't like to talk about these because of personal reasons, I do have some that I think should be listed. Please don't ask me why these things bother me. It's personal.

  • Mogeko / Deep Sea Prisoner
  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
  • Gummy Sharks
  • Lesbophobia


I take commissions! Please commission me if you have the time!

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other places you can find me on!!

if something is listed as "ask", please know that i must trust you a lot before i think about giving it to you, for personal reasons. thank you!

  • instagram: rabbitgore
  • deviantart: rabbitgore
  • lesbianmercy#1754
  • steam: /id/rabbitpxl
  • snapchat: rabbitpxl
  • discord: ♡ Mercy ♡#5300
  • rabbitgore
  • vent feed: ASK
  • tumblr: rabbitpxl

feel free to ask me about anything else!

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I tend to delete this note a lot since people know me IRL, so feel free to ask about these if you need clarification! I LOVE DOUBLES A LOT but Its ok if you don't feel the same!!!

  • Angela "Mercy" Ziegler (Overwatch)
  • Pearl (Spla2n)
  • Octoling (Splatoon)
  • Tee (Puyo Puyo Tetris)
  • Lillie (Pokemon SUMO)
  • Soleil (Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest)


  • Domestic Rabbit (Hotot Lop)


  • Sylveon

If we share any and it makes you uncomfortable, it's okay to unfollow! I understand, don't worry.

This may be deleted later because I'm rea...

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[ None of these are in any order ] [ icon credit ]

video games

  • overwatch
  • pokemon
  • fire emblem (awakening & fates)
  • legend of zelda
  • life is strange
  • portal
  • RPG maker games
  • splatoon

tv shows

  • Star VS the forces of evil
  • documentaries
  • my little pony (all generations)
  • disney stuff
  • hell yeah peppa pig


  • scott pilgrim
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