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18 years old. light brown curly hair. dark brown eyes. i love my family and friends, fashion magazines, shopping, & animals. im still trying to figure out what im good at in life and what i want to do.

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when i was little i was (apparently) a reallllly picky eater.. i think i've gotten better... im not really "out there" with my food choices. im not very healthy either.

  • baked spaghetti
  • regular spaghetti
  • bread (i love pretty much all bread, sadly)
  • bagels
  • sweet home sour cream & onion ritz chips
  • special k with chocolate chips
  • black olives
  • almost any kind of ice cream
  • cucumbers
  • cheese pizza
  • buttery popcorn
  • frozen yogurt (yoghut!)
  • dr. pepper
  • shirley temples
  • club sandwhiches (i only like bacon on sandwiches)
  • chicken wraps
  • apple pie
  • california rolls
  • the bean dip that my mom makes
  • chicken divan that my mom makes
  • fudgey brownies
  • fun fetti cake
  • chocolate pistachio cake that my mom makes
  • sweet potato fries
  • green bean casserole
  • ham from honeybaked ham
  • cheetos
  • cheese
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