• Single people who take up the four-seaters on a train. Some of us travel with friends, y'know?
  • Kids on a plane who insist on sitting in the window seat. We do not appreciate you being swung over our heads every time you need the loo. Sincerely, every single traveller ever.
  • Teachers who do not mark essays we've spent hours on. Just a waste of our time.
  • JLS fans.
  • Justin Bieber fans on twitter.
  • People who are unaware of the concept of a queue. Maybe it's a British thing, but that's my main beef.
  • Couples who converse through Facebook walls. Ever heard of texting? Your friends/aunties/bosses don't want to know how good you were in bed last night.
  • People who do not use adverbs. E.g "I did real good." It's realLY WELL! *looking at you, Americans*
  • People who use the word "hubby"
  • Twilight super fans.
  • People who don't understand how enjoyable it is to read.
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