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I'm a list maker;
A runner.
A daughter.
A sister.
But best of all..
Free to- (create/learn/build/live/love/discover/laugh/adventure)

Grab a book.
Ride a bike.
& explore this beautiful world.

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I Am Running A Half Marathon On May 22 And Have Set A Personal Goal Of Completing The Race In 1:45. It's Never Too Early To Start Training!

  • Sunday, December 27th
    • Rivershore/Allyson Parkway/50th Ave loop
      • Cold and Icy, But Not Much Wind
  • Monday, December 28th
    • Atomic South/30th/40th/50th/3rd St loop
      • 9 Above:Sunny:Regina Spektor
  • Tuesday, December 29th
    • Caseys/30th/Starbucks/Rivershore/4th St. loop
      • 10 Above:Sunny:Krista for company
  • As of Wednesday, December 30th, I have had to stop my training to what is likely the beginnings of stress fracture on my left foot...I have an appt to with an Orthopaedic doctor on Jan. 11th to figure out the problem.

(Not running/exercising is unbearable)

  • January 17th, 2010
    • This upcoming week is full of doctor's appointments. MRI, result check in, and physical therapy. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll know exactly what's wrong with my foot so I can start RUNNNING again!
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