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  • boys, boys, boys | 13k | general | berryboys
    • The question flows from Jaemin’s mouth before he can reason that it’s not a good idea to bring it up. “For how long have you been in love with Renjun?”


  • cut through the clouds | 4k | teen | heartsighed
    • Qian Kun, microbiology major, vice-president of the ISA, part-time poster model and full-time mom friend, is perhaps more stressed than he would like everyone to think.




  • practice and theory | 74k | explicit | synthetica
    • Doyoung would die before he’d say anything to anyone that a patient has told him in confidence, something that could trace back to them, or any details of a session. But sometimes the rest makes him feel like he’s going to explode.
  • it's almost blue | 25k | mature | minhyukwithagun
    • university takes four years before it's over and it takes Jaehyun and Doyoung four years before it even begins
  • bliss | 5k | mature | jelly_spine
    • Jaehyun is counting down the days till the end of the world but Doyoung's tights are horribly distracting.
  • come with me, my love | 20k | teen | spicyboyfriend
    • Jung Jaehyun, he thought again while he watched Doyoung lift a mini pitcher of cream, his lips parting as he asked Jaehyun a question, deal with the pain for moments like these. Bear the pain of this in exchange for the smile on Kim Doyoung’s face.
  • lesbian loving anti-capitalist, kim doyoung! | 6k | teen | nakamoon
    • doyoung's problem resides in being a weak gay who wavers whenever jung jaehyun, heir to the jung oil company, is involved. even if he has yuta laughing in his ear about becoming a white man's whore.
  • (castling)[] |||


  • this thing upon me howls like a beast | 15k | mature | zadonis
    • Ten and Doyoung have been fighting more than usual. As punishment, Taeyong tells them that every time they argue, they have to hold hands. Yuta, even more tired of all of the arguing, decided to take it one step further: handcuffs.
  • unlikely bedfellows | 11k | explicit | idlesong
    • It’s not that Doyoung hates his roommate, but Ten wouldn’t have been his first choice. Things are just bearable enough, however, until Ten’s walking into Doyoung’s room at night and climbing into bed next to him.


  • when it comes to us | 10k | explicit | bijyu
    • Doyoung, a very traditional omega, doesn't get why Yuta, another omega, is chasing after him. Though he admits Yuta is really pretty...


  • our beautiful time - teen - hyxcheis
    • There’s nothing in the world he’d rather do than this, until he absolutely can’t anymore. And he’d always assumed the same applied to the people around him.


  • all i ever wanted is here - teen - pulses
    • In which Jaehyun and Sicheng both live in Beijing, and they spend a summer falling hopelessly and helplessly in love.
  • several sunlit days - teen - pulses
    • Sicheng was born to fly. He’s just a little accident prone.
  • bite - teen - matchamilk
    • having an eighteen month old vampire boyfriend isn't easy. especially when he's teething.
  • (role)play - mature - matchamilk
    • communication is key when it comes to human relationships. turns out the same goes for vampires too.
  • where we stand - mature - mouthbites
    • sicheng and jaehyun have something that works. there's no reason to fuck that up.
  • heartslayer ☆ you’re mine!! - teen - attackstance
    • jaehyun's ordinary life gets a splash of color when he's rescued by a peculiar trio of heroes.
  • heartslayer ☆ craftsman, off duty!! - explicit - attackstance
    • being the boyfriend of a spell-wielding hero means jaehyun getting his hands dirty now and then.


  • reality, too (after dark) - mature - moonprism
    • Jaehyun keeps running into the same person every time he goes to the 24/7 coin laundry at weird hours.


  • when the kids are away | 6k | explicit | negi
    • In which Johnny is a hot dad and Jaehyun triumphs over soccer moms.
  • scrambled guts | 17k | explicit | falloutgirl
    • Jaehyun lets his eyes soak in the sight before him. Lets his mind absorb every single detail of Johnny’s body that he can see.


  • taste | 7k | explicit | jokheiz
    • The strip club isn't exactly to Kun's taste but the bartender and the dancer certainly are.


  • the stuff of comets - teen - iseekdaylight
    • Johnny Seo returns to the figure skating scene as his half-brother Mark’s manager, two years after his unexpected retirement.
  • wait a second (i'm figuring us out) - teen - kkeutkkaji
    • Ten’s life is pretty spectacularly normal until Youngho crashes in and turns it all around.
  • faded (drank) faded (drank) - mature - ito
    • Chronicling Ten's (successful) attempt to hook up with a "straight" boy at a frat party.
  • fox trap - explicit - Kaorinct
    • Ten and Johnny get off on the wrong foot at a beach party hosted by their mutual friends.
  • my heart, it belongs to you - teen - pulses
    • Ten finds more than just a viable career path at SM Entertainment.
  • troubleshoot me - teen - missmae
    • Ten swears it wasn't intentional that his computer broke down and the first page that opens when his crush repairs it is gay porn.
  • one step, two steps - teen - berryboys
    • Youngho isn't going to admit he likes Ten, not even if Yuta tries to get into his pants. Youngho isn't in love with Ten, at all.


  • balance - teen - cledritch
    • He was always about making sure he didn't fall off his skateboard. Except suddenly he's thrown off his balance when he doesn't even manage to catch himself developing a crush on a ballet dancer.


  • you shine like the stars (you light up my heart) - explicit - hyuckheis
    • taeyong knows the only reason he's brave enough to sext johnny seo is because it's supposed to be convenient and inconsequential. except it isn't.
  • the spell that binds - explicit - taeyeongseo
    • It was not that Johnny and his friends had a penchant for getting into trouble. It was just that letting the Gryffindors win was not an option.
  • sprout baby - general - jokheiz
    • Johnny had never expected that he would want a sprout baby. But the moment he'd held Renjun in his arms after watching him grow from a beautiful lilac flower into a little baby boy had changed him.
  • thirsty for love - explicit - hyuckheis
    • taeyong gets matched as a blood donor to an all-powerful vampire who spends too much time on the internet
  • sixteen - mature - lowkeyamen
    • Taeyong and Johnny get married and adopt sixteen boys
  • every morning with you - explicit - lovelyday86
    • Where Johnny and Taeyong lead a seemingly boring life, but the sex they have is anything but.
  • new passports - mature - chibixkadaj
    • Johnny's perfect life starts to feel like perfection only after Taeyong's bloody, beautiful face appeared in the warehouse bathroom mirror next to him.


  • the store - general - _helios
    • But if they need more, they will walk down the aisles of The Store until they reach the quiet man and his brass register. (witch/familiar au)
  • the right words - teen - sunnyjeno
    • Kun and Ten are having trouble keeping their business alive during the summer. A little brainstorming may help them fix more than that.
  • the customer is always right - teen - 021497j
    • Ten honestly isn't a picky eater, the chicken was dry. His complaints earn him a visit from the very cute head chef. He can't help it if he wants to see him once more, all he has to do is complain...right?
  • kiss me under the light of a thousand stars - teen - gabilliam
    • prompt: I called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after a few minutes of me revealing some pretty personal stuff and now you’re invested in my life.
  • red, orange, yellow, green, even thicker - mature - eatthatup
    • Kun isn’t used to being praised. Physically, at least. Then comes Ten, and it changes.
  • something new - explicit - creamsoda
    • Ten finally asks Kun to fuck his thighs.


  • neither would suffice - teen - idlesong
    • Yukhei may be the devil, but he’ll be damned if he lets heaven take another soul. Or, how Donghyuck’s arrival in limbo causes everything to collapse.
  • fragments of a daydream (about you) - mature - rainingover
    • Thinking his crush will always be unrequited, Yukhei guesses he's doomed to continue pining for his best friend Jungwoo.
  • two minute warning - mature - 1995soulmates
    • Balancing being their team’s star player and a proper boyfriend is stressful. Scheduled weekly dinner dates helps. (Makeouts behind the bleachers before a big game helps, too.)
  • sugar - explicit - bulletbroof_bad_wolf
    • Yukhei knows that his next-door neighbor knows exactly what he's doing to him. Jungwoo is a camboy, after all.
  • we'll meet in the spring - teen - guanlin
    • Somewhere between being trainees and idols, Lucas and Jungwoo find each other and cling on.
  • (tempted) while he's touching your skin - teen - zadonis
    • With everyone falling in love, Jungwoo has his eyes set on Lucas, but things rarely go perfectly to plan when handcuffs are involved.
  • champagne kisses - explicit - agentexile
    • Wong Yukhei occupies a carefully cultivated reality. He’s also so deep in the closet that he hasn’t dated since… ever.


  • rewrite the stars - teen - bluebot
    • Donghyuck’s got a crush. He’s the perfect boy—he’s cute, he’s polite, he cooks. Donghyuck’s friends even like him. The catch? He’s a robot.
  • spring break (all your bones) - teen - slimequeen
    • Donghyuck is his childhood and adolescence, and Mark spends spring break getting reacquainted.
  • love-lilac - general - jelly_spine
    • Donghyuck chooses the wrong moment to run away. (Moonrise Kingdom!au)
  • eyes on the prize (not on you) - teen - hyuckieberry
    • Mark and Donghyuck pretend to be in a relationship to win money at a couples' competition.


  • you are not the only one (who feels like this) - teen - nextdoorneighbor
    • So, the facts are these: Mark is just a tad bit too insecure, Donghyuck has absolutely no shame, and Jeno is completely and utterly in love with the both of them – even if he is not ready to admit that just yet.


  • every little thing - teen - idlesong
    • If Donghyuck had a dollar for every time he didn’t make a fool of himself in front of Jaemin, he’d have enough for one (1) item from the dollar store.
  • as if! - teen - idlesong
    • Turns out Donghyuck can be clueless too.


  • a lot like yesterday, a lot like never - teen - lateralplosion
    • Jaemin tries his very hardest to be sincere. It doesn’t always work.
  • reality is a dream (dreams are reality) - general - taeuju
    • in which Jaemin spends his free time after physical therapy watching Renjun practice his ballet dancing until he finally plucks up the courage to talk to him
  • plot twist - general - ultraviolentae
    • Who needs a Lee Jeno anyways?
  • trinkets - teen - starklist
    • Five times Jaemin wears the bracelet and one time he doesn't.


  • waltz (with the dead) - mature - hwallaby
    • Once, a long time ago, it had been Mark who drove them everywhere.
  • you can't have it all - general - slythos
    • "Honestly," Donghyuck complained around a mouthful of popcorn. "are you this panicked gay that you can't choose between Renjun and Jaemin?"
  • oh baby, it's you - teen - hyuckieberry
    • Like most of Donghyuck’s disastrous plans, it starts and ends with Jeno.


  • you and i, zero mile - teen - hyuckheis
    • A chair clatters to the floor, and Jeno opens his eyes. Renjun’s on the ground, with his hands over his ears.
  • that's what i like - teen - adequater
    • Renjun's first kiss is stolen by one of his friends while they are in the haunted house. Interestingly, Jeno keeps avoiding him afterwards.
  • mint and vanilla - general - jenhyung
    • Renjun juggles a secret admirer, his best friend's life crisis, and Lee Jeno.
  • the crystal chaser - general - jenhyung
    • Renjun has to deal with love potions, tea leaf readings, and the smell of throw up.
  • a better love story than twilight - teen - trashcake
    • Google search: How do you politely ask if someone is a vampire?


  • red strings - not rated - starrydistricts
    • another story where a boy is in love with his bestfriend, the bestfriend with their tutor, the tutor with the boy.
  • through the years - general - xlkslb_ccdtks
    • A timeline of Jaemin's life through the years as he falls in love, gets his heart broken, loses everything, and gains something in return.
  • the moon, the sun (and all of their stars) - not rated - dietcoked
    • Renjun knows he doesn't belong. Jaemin and Jeno are in love - that much is clear. The moon only reflects sunlight, and yet the sun never says, ‘You owe me’. And a love like that… well, it lights the entire sky. And yet.


  • casket fresh - mature - hyxcheis
    • Donghyuck snorts. “Who said anything about living?” He turns to look at Renjun, eyes amused but dead and cold. “Darling, we stopped living the second our names were called.”


  • lover, please stay - explicit - yvie
    • In which Taeyong wants to be more than brothers, and in which Ten perhaps wants the same.
  • living costs - explicit - agentexile
    • Taeyong never thought about getting a sugar daddy until Johnny accidentally suggested it. Sometimes, his roommate’s ideas aren’t so terrible after all.
  • sunrise - explicit - attackstance
    • Taeyong discovers how thorough a massage parlor in Bangkok can be.
  • seared in stone - explicit - attackstance
    • When Ten helps a kindred soul lose his humanity, he doesn't expect to regain some of his in turn.
  • second life - teen - hoshatree
    • Ten comes to Korea to work for the company whose technology saved his life. He meets Taeyong, who while very different, displays thoughts and experiences with Ten that are unnaturally linked.
  • cute devil - mature - deadlihood
    • Yuta wants Taeyong to meet his pierced dancer friend; Taeyong is sure he'll say something embarrassing and have to go live under a bridge.
  • who is ten's boyfriend? - general - pufnica
    • Will Ten's friends find out who's his boyfriend?
  • should be the last night we're apart - teen - tamburlaine
    • Chittaphon has been chatting with TY for months and now that he is moving to Seoul for college they can finally meet. Except TY starts acting dodgy and doesn't seem to want to.
  • baby steps - explicit - criesmom
    • Taeyong is single and in his late twenties when he decides he wants to be a father. His best friend and housemate Ten decides to help him along the way.


  • how to feel alive | 17k | teen
    • Yuta & Sicheng meet during the nuclear winter at the end of the world.
  • i love me, i like it | 28k | explicit
    • On the other end of the line, Winwin inhales, just a quiet hitch of breath against the phone. Yuta’s job is way too easy sometimes.
  • delta | 48k | mature
    • It’s harder than he thought to be around Yuta. Sicheng wonders if it’s possible to want someone so much that it hurts to look at them.


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