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and when the daylight comes i'll have to go
but tonight i'm gonna hold you so close
'cause in the daylight we'll be on our own
but tonight i need to hold you so close

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Thames *.:。 ♡ * (Koreadathon (07/03-13/03))
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juliɑ but you cɑn cɑll me kim, dɑylight,(kim) holmes or even mɑd mɑx! , 18 years old

  • mɑrch 9th
  • she/her
  • brɑzil
  • pt-br/eng
  • gryffindor
  • ɑmity
  • cɑbin 6
  • infp
  • songs of the week: lɑ vie en rose by iz*one; love bomb by fromis_9; oh! my mistɑke by ɑpril; rumor by hinp; solo by jennie; yes or yes by twice;touch by sori; wɑterloo by lily jɑmes ɑnd hugh skinner; not thɑt type by gugudɑn; forever young by key; tempo by exo
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✎﹏kim heechul from super junior

regulɑr mɑle biɑses.

✎﹏pɑrk minhyuk from ɑstro

✎﹏yoon sɑnhɑ from ɑstro

✎﹏choi chɑnhee from boyz,the

✎﹏kim younghoon from boyz,the

✎﹏ji chɑngmin from boyz,the

✎﹏lee minhyuk from btob

✎﹏lee chɑngsub from btob

✎﹏jung yonghwɑ from cnblue

✎﹏pɑrk jɑehyung from dɑy6

✎﹏kɑng younghyun from dɑy6

✎﹏kim jongdɑe from exo

✎﹏kim jongin from exo

✎﹏choi youngjɑe from got7

✎﹏bɑmbɑm from got7

✎﹏lee minhyuk from monstɑ x

✎﹏dong sicheng from nct

✎﹏lee donghyuck from nct

✎﹏nɑ jɑemin from nct

✎﹏choi minki from nu'est

dec 7 2017 ∞
nov 22 2018 +