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when the stars exploded billions of years ago, they formed everything that is the world. everything we know is stardust, you are stardust.

  • do an exchange program
  • learn french
  • learn how to play an instrument
  • go to nyc
    • live in nyc
  • go to college
  • see snow
  • do a roadtrip w friends
  • do a eurotrip
  • meet people w different nationalities
  • study at new york film academy
  • go to cannes festival
  • go to la
    • live in la
  • go to a music festival
  • meet my faves
  • accept and love my body
  • watch a movie in a drive-in
  • finish grey's anatomy
  • volunteer in an institution
  • change someones life
  • take a photography class
  • see the northern lights
  • go to a university abroad
mar 26 2017 ∞
may 3 2018 +