• Extreme...Always seems to be pronounced ex-TREEEEEEME!
  • Out Of The Box Thinking...I wish someone would think outside of the box and come up with a new phrase.
  • Insane...when used to describe anything except a mental condition, such as an "insane workout". (Really? Did someone actually consider contacting a judge to legale place you under psychiatric care because you did a little exercise?)
  • Diva...having one minor hit record does not make one a diva.
  • No Brainer...At least SOME thought (in other words, SOME brain power) had to be used to determine the solution, even if was an easy decision.
  • Absolutely...For some reason, people want to say "absolutely" instead of "yes". So few things are absolute, especially things that can not be quantified, such as feeling "Absolutely fantastic:.
  • Epic...Come on, do you really think scholars will be studying your "Epic Fail" at the mall 2000 years from now. (See next entry)...
  • Fail...Fail is a verb, not a noun.
  • Mind Blown ... as in "The I-heart radio app turns your smart phone into a radio...Mind Blown" Really...I don't even find this information mildly interesting or surprising, much less "mind blowing"...
  • Huge...Always seems to be pronounce HUUUUUUGE.
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