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welcome to celesthea’s little society, precious souls! ★

  • celesthea loraine adams. a little note: my name is celesthea, but we still pronounce it as celestia.
  • most of people earned me some nicknames based on my name which is: thea/teya/acel.
  • preferred pronouns: she/her.
  • a mediator, infp-t!
  • my hogwarts house is slytherin.
  • sun: taurus, moon: aries, ascendant: libra.
  • time zone: gmt +7.
jan 12 2021 ∞
jan 13 2021 +

just in case if you forgot about who i am, here’s my account list!

  • admiredbymoon (suspended)
  • villeofstars (active)
  • minzhhu (active, well, barely)
  • gimminjeong (active)
sep 21 2020 ∞
jan 14 2021 +
  • mostly shitposting... if you’re uncomfortable, do think twice if you want to shoot me a follow.
  • if i follow you here, means that i trust you the most.
  • i will appreciate those who want to approach me first, i may be giving a tardy reply for both mentions and dms but i definitely will try to make things out by talking to you on timeline more often!
  • loud, very loud. talk in uppercase most of the time. mute button exists if you’re uncomfortable.
  • please add a trigger warning whenever you’re talking about something that’s related to trypophobia.
oct 21 2020 ∞
jan 14 2021 +