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sara / occasional writer

“be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

sara follows:
sunny about me
things i like (general)
fandom (interests)
me elsewhere

i really REALLY like gen stuff and ambiguous/implied relationships so the majority of the stuff i write is ambiguous, but i do love a lot of ships so assume i like almost all gen things and the ships listed are romantic

the best!!:

  • pining
  • hurt/comfort
  • college aus / coffee shop aus
  • post-canon / aged-up characters
  • best friends to lovers
  • slow build
  • werewolf & demon aus

a few things i dislike:

  • teacher/mentor/caregiver + student
  • porn w/o plot
  • underage w/ heavy sexual components
  • pitting ships against each other
  • demonizing characters to float the ship
  • break-up fics w/ no reconciliation
  • infidelity

no thank you:

  • r*pe / any kind of non-con
  • incest (including adopted family members)
  • pedophilia / exaggerated age differences
  • general squicks
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