i've got love in this faith, fantasies that fill up. i'm running to you, right away. when you get into trouble, beside you, together; i'm always your fan.

♡ kim taeyeon, fearless leader + my guiding light. jung sooyeon, always with sone until the end. lee soonkyu, the brightest star. hwang miyoung, the strongest heart. kim hyoyeon, dancing queen. kwon yuri, gentle soul. choi sooyoung, the kindest smile. im yoona, the nation's love. seo juhyun, our golden maknae. ♡

nine girls who changed me for the better. you are a galaxy in my eyes, the axis on which my world spins.

loving you is the greatest honor of my life.

aug 5 2017 ∞
nov 26 2017 +