these apply to fanworks, but also in general

  • gen. gen. G E N.
    • explorations of individuals, friendships, mentorships, siblings, teams; any and all relationship dynamics that carry their own importance in the development of the characters involved
    • related: found families, and characters discovering for themselves what they are willing to try for others
  • scenes set in canon
    • pre, post, during - interpretations of how characters have changed within the universe we originally know them from
  • magic realism, and all the subtle, limitless variations of worldbuilding that come with it
  • playing with the concept of time (travell...
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sep 16 2017 +

some favorites, and/or works that have influenced me greatly (bolded are those especially !!!! to me at the moment)


  • akagami no shirayuki-hime
  • barakamon
  • boku no hero academia
  • free!
  • gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
  • haikyuu!!
  • hibike! euphonium
  • mob psycho 100
  • no. 6
  • nobuta wo produce
  • ookiku furikabutte
  • one-punch man
  • ouran high school host club
  • ping pong
  • sakamichi no apollon
  • samurai flamenco
  • sayonara, heron
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sep 16 2017 +
  • good at dithering
  • not good at colors
  • cam, 21+, utc-5
  • she/her (they/them also ok)
  • follow requests are ok! (if my twitter account happens to be locked it's mostly so i don't show up in searches)
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jan 30 2018 +

typical tweets:

  • reactionary rambles about latest chapters/episodes (so, spoilers, but usually a few hours or days after the initial translated release), or whichever fiction i happen to be thinking about
  • ...that's about all for subject matter; i don't tend to talk about personal things or RL things (eg politics) and try to keep it that way

things i don't talk about or engage with:

  • negativity regarding any character or ship
  • negativity regarding any person or their work
  • fandom negativity at all, really (i am interested in discussing different opinions, but not in knocking other opinions down or tearing them apart)
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jan 19 2017 +

(short lists for a short attention span)


  • brooklyn nine-nine
  • critical role (thursdays/mondays)


  • haikyuu!! (ch - fridays)
  • haikyuu!! (jp - vol. 2)
  • all the crooked saints - maggie stiefvater


  • promptfics!
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jan 30 2018 +

a.. sampling, is a more accurate word than list here, of characters and relationships 'most likely to strike my person right in the feelings on a daily basis'

with a focus on rarepairs and groups, because quote-unquote major pairings are generally ones i love without saying (also because a full list of favorites would be. a ridiculous web of names)

every / is essentially a &/ as well, honestly, i don't tend to find myself thinking about dynamics in a romantic sense unless they are presented that way in canon or fanworks or otherwise,, i just feel a heck of a lot

akagami no shirayuki-hime

  • obi
  • kiki &/ mitsuhide &/ obi &/ shirayuki &/ zen
  • pharmacy crew

boku no hero academia

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