• st. vincent - los ageless
    • how can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their minds, too?


  • the wombats - turn
    • i like the way you turn me inside and out


  • hozier - dinner & diatribes
    • now that the evening is slowing, now that the end's in sight, honey, it's easier knowing what you'd do to me tonight


  • my chemical romance - the sharpest lives
    • 'cause i've spent the night dancing, i'm drunk, i suppose; if it looks like i'm laughing, i'm really just asking to leave this alone


  • joji - attention
    • now would you hate me if i said goodbye so quick you could eat my dust?


  • st. vincent - smoking section
    • sometimes i go to the edge of my roof, and i think i'll jump, just to punish you


  • koda - curse
    • everyone is so far gone, we are all alone


  • hozier - as it was
    • and tell me if somehow some of it remained, how long you would wait for me, how long i've been away


  • the hollies - we're through
    • i should be better off without you, you take a pride in making me blue
    • i knew from the start, you'd be tearing me apart sooner or later


  • hozier - no plan
    • i'll be your man if you got love to get done, sit here and watch the sunlight fade, honey, enjoy, it's gettin' late


  • mansionair - falling
    • pin a string in the middle and tie it to my chest, i'm spinning around your five mile radius, don't look away


  • mother mother - back to life
    • and did i look like i'm violent? then, baby, why don't you shoot me?


  • mansionair - violet city
    • i can't help myself, the moment that i let it go is when i find i'm in control


  • florence + the machine - hunger
    • i thought that love was on the stage, give yourself to strangers, you don't have to be afraid


  • khalid - my bad
    • oh, we both care about it, but arguing with me just isn't worth it


  • alma - cowboy
    • i taste it in your body, see it in your anger, i know that you feel like me


  • local natives - when am i gonna lose you
    • wait, when am i gonna lose you? how will i let you slip through? careless or unkind?


  • foals - in degrees
    • i lose you in degrees, don't leave me on my knees


  • catfish and the bottlemen - 7
    • i've tried to ignore it every time you phone but i never come close


  • mitski - washing machine heart
    • toss your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart, baby, bang it up inside


  • pvris - what's wrong
    • you got my back against the wall and now i can't ever get comfortable


  • carnage & prinze george - letting people go
    • reaching for you these days just doesn't feel good


  • foals - i'm done with the world (& it’s done with me)
    • i’m done with the world and it’s done with me, all i wanna do is get up and leave


  • radiohead - exit music (for a film)
    • we hope that you choke, that you choke


  • marina - superstar
    • what i like about you is you know who you are, what you like about me is i know what i'm not


  • florence + the machine - what the water gave me
    • but, oh, my love, don’t forget me, when i let the water take me


  • lorde - homemade dynamite
    • don't know you super well, but i think that you might be the same as me


  • clean bandit & anne-marie & sean paul - rockabye
    • she tells him, your life ain't gon' be nothing like my life, you're gonna grow and have a good life, i'm gonna do what i've got to do


  • flora cash - i wasted you
    • giving you my guilt only made me numb, i don't feel right, i feel like i wasted you


  • flora cash - you're somebody else
    • well you talk like yourself, no, i hear someone else, though, now you're making me nervous


  • my chemical romance - house of wolves
    • tell me i'm a bad man, kick me like a stray, tell me i'm an angel, take this to my grave


  • my chemical romance - thank you for the venom
    • give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill
    • preach all you want, but who's gonna save me?


  • florence + the machine - blinding
    • no more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world


  • frank ocean - nights
    • can't keep up a conversation, can't nobody reach you. why your eyes well up? did you call me from a séance? you are from a past life, hope you're doing well, bruh


  • hozier - talk
    • imagine being loved by me


  • billie eilish - ilomilo
    • said i couldn't love someone 'cause i might break


  • normani & 6lack - waves
    • i let you come and go like seasons


  • billie eilish - bad guy
    • i like when you get mad, i guess i'm pretty glad that you're alone


  • meg myers - tear me to pieces
    • i know this love will tear me to pieces, i know his hands will dig up my secrets
    • trouble's not worth the pleasure but i feel alive


  • florence + the machine - moderation
    • want me to love you in moderation, do i look moderate to you?


  • allie x - paper love
    • oh, i know that boy's gonna rip me up, 'cause he ain't that nice, he won't do right, he'll leave a nasty cut


  • walk the moon - we are the kids
    • we are the kids that you never can kill, you say that we won't, but you know that we will keep on


  • khalid - right back
    • you don't gotta stay the night, i just wanna take the time


  • blackpink - kill this love
    • look at me, look at you, who will be in more pain?


  • gia woods - new girlfriend
    • she said we’re friends, look at us now, i like your new girlfriend more than you


  • little mix & nicki minaj - woman like me
    • i always say what i'm feeling, i was born without a zip on my mouth, sometimes i don't even mean it, it takes a little while to figure me out


  • james arthur - you deserve better
    • give up on me, 'cause, babe, i'm hopeless


  • jonas blue & jessie reyez & juan magan - wherever you go
    • it wasn't 'til i met you that i understood the sky and the way the moon waits for the sun, waits for the sun to rise


  • oh, be clever - river
    • he said he liked me better as a mess, he said he wants to save me from myself


  • the chainsmokers & winona oak - hope
    • i only wanted you 'cause i couldn't have you, now that i know, that wasn't love, that wasn't love, that was just hope


  • mark ronson & lykke li - late night feelings
    • trying to find a new distraction, want to make it last all night


  • bts & halsey - boy with luv
    • i'm curious about everything, how's your day, oh, tell me, what makes you happy, oh, text me


  • laurel - adored
    • we can sit and talk and i'll pretend that i give a fuck


  • syml - fear of the water
    • and you smile when you dive in, like you're never coming back


  • hey violet - better by myself
    • you're no good for my health, you're no good for my troubled state of mind


  • lady gaga - always remember us this way
    • you look at me and, babe, i wanna catch on fire


  • always never - run back
    • selfish, selfish, selfish, you know that you are, but i'm not thinking straight, so come, fuck with my heart


  • sza, the weeknd & travis scott - power is power
    • only love could kill me, god bless


  • sam tinnesz - when the truth hunts you down
    • you can run, but you won't make it far


  • marina - end of the earth
    • but i'll give my love, i don't care if it hurts, 'cause i'll love you 'til the end, i'll love you 'til the end of the earth


  • shawn mendes - there's nothing holdin' me back
    • she pulls me in enough to keep me guessing


  • gia woods - keep on coming
    • one touch, you'll be begging for my love


  • years & years & mnek - valentino
    • he seems to be the name on everybody's lips, so i told myself i wouldn't fall for it


  • bastille - doom days
    • when i watch the world burn all i think about is you


  • demi lovato & lil wayne - lonely
    • all you do is leave me fucking lonely


  • bastille - bad blood
    • as the friendship goes, resentment grows, we will walk our different ways


  • tove lo - moments
    • i can get a little drunk, i get into all the don'ts, but on good days i am charming as fuck


  • chelou - ships in the wind
    • my memories of you are interfering with every indecision


  • the maine - 24 floors
    • i look up and see the stars, look down at speeding cars


  • bastille - joy
    • i'm your walking disaster, keep on dragging me from self-pity, poor me


  • banks - gimme
    • i wanna hear the sounds that you'll make, drivin' me crazy with the way you whine, and you can call me that bitch


  • shawn mendes - if i can't have you
    • i can't write one song that's not about you, can't drink without thinking about you


  • billie eilish - bury a friend
    • i wanna end me


  • steve aoki & bts - waste it on me
    • i'm no stranger to heartbreak and the pain of always being let go


  • ruelle - where we come alive
    • this is where we come alive, out of the shadows and into the light


  • billie eilish - copycat (sofi tukker remix)
    • i don't belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name


  • brand new - out of range
    • am i a torn up, tattered, worn out piece of fabric, not suitable to stitch up a rip?


  • isaac dunbar - cologne
    • is he cool? is he tough? is he fresh? can he pay all your bills and cash all your checks? is he tall? is he broad? let me guess, he's got it under control, yeah, i bet


  • post malone & jaden & téo - lonely
    • girl, you seem always on the move, baby, i just cannot figure out what to do


  • phantogram - you don't get me high anymore
    • nothing is fun, not like before, you don't get me high anymore


  • sofi tukker - baby i'm a queen
    • i might prefer desire to self-control, i might prefer crying to being composed


  • isaac dunbar - pharmacy
    • see me climb too high, you cut the vine, you had to hinder me


  • marina - karma
    • ain't it funny how it all adds up when you're always tryna push your luck?


  • notd & felix jaehn & georgia ku & captain cuts - so close
    • was it all too much or just not enough?


  • halsey - nightmare
    • i got no one to smile for, i waited a while for a moment to say i don't owe you a goddamn thing


  • onerepublic - rescue me
    • would you take my call when i start to crack?


  • follow the flow - maradok távol
    • nem lesz több üzenet, itt hagyom mindenemet


  • duncan laurence - arcade
    • i got addicted to a losing game


  • lana del rey - doin' time
    • she spreads her lovin' all over, and when she gets home, there's none left for me


  • rüfüs du sol - underwater
    • it’s not what you wanted, but i just need a change again


  • 5 seconds of summer - easier
    • i love you so much that i hate you


  • baynk - go with u
    • staring at your body in amazement, feel me sinking deeper in your ocean


  • lost frequencies & flynn - recognise
    • it's not me, i don't even recognise my heartbeat


  • lungs and limbs - grim ranger (acoustic version)
    • it ain't just the dark, it's the dark in you


  • hey violet - close my eyes
    • i'm taking mental pictures of you for when i get home, i'm gonna get under the covers with you, but i'm all alone


  • cazzette & richard smitt - on my mind (single mix)
    • i'd take a broken heart just for you, i'd tear my soul apart for something new


  • lorde - supercut
    • in my head, i do everything right, when you call, i forgive and not fight


  • disclosure & lorde - magnets
    • face from heaven, bet the world she don't know, pretty girls don't know the things that i know


  • lauv - sad forever
    • i've been in the backseat, doing alright, trying to take control, but i don't know how to


  • tiësto, jonas blue & rita ora - ritual
    • oh, come on, come on, however i act, you know how much i care


  • the chainsmokers & bebe rexha - call you mine
    • you said, "hey, whatcha doing for the rest of your life?" and i said, "i don't even know what i'm doing tonight"


  • ry x - hounds
    • i lay my body down to listen to the sound, i let my heart peek out to feed it to the hounds


  • foals - sunday
    • 'cause time away from me is what i need to clear my sight and clear my head


  • dua lipa - blow your mind (mwah)
    • if you don't like the way i talk, then why am i on your mind?


  • tove lo - scream my name
    • fuckin' up my happy ending, but i can take bullets to the heart


  • jonas brothers - only human
    • we gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move, hurts when i'm leaving you


  • marshmello & bastille - happier
    • i wanna raise your spirits, i want to see you smile, but know that means i'll have to leave


  • bastille - quarter past midnight
    • why are we always chasing after something like we're trying to throw our lives away?


  • jonas brothers - sucker
    • you're makin' the typical me break my typical rules


  • sofi tukker - my body hurts
    • my body hurts, i'm overwhelmed, i complain because i want to and it feels so good to yell


  • avicii & imagine dragons - heart upon my sleeve
    • i can't go a single day without thinking of the words i'd say, and i can't do a single thing without thinking of you


  • harrison storm - falling down
    • alway felt this could get dark


  • bastille - another place
    • you can fill my mind and move my body with the fiction, fantasies, just call this what it is, we don't pretend it's real


  • bastille - million pieces
    • if it's gonna break me, won't you let me go?
    • the echoes of the news ring loud, no sound can ever drown it out


  • missio - i see you
    • i'm hoping that you will see yourself like i see you


  • purity ring - begin again
    • look at the fire and think of me


  • panic! at the disco - nicotine
    • it's better to burn than to fade away, it's better to leave than to be replaced


  • bastille - bad decisions
    • and if we're going down in flames, take a bow for the bad decisions that we made


  • isaac dunbar - freshman year
    • i wanna win homecoming king, shedded pounds and wasted tears, i know i'm not that good-looking, but it’s only freshman year
    • she'll never like you, she'll never like you / he'd never like me, he'd never like me


  • camila cabello & shawn mendes - señorita
    • i wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave you


  • alma - lonely night
    • oh, what a lonely night, she said i love you, but not the way you do


  • bea miller - feel something
    • i don't wanna die, but i don't wanna live like this


  • city and colour - strangers
    • we look to the heavens above for advice on our lives, searching for god at the bottoms of bottles and in strangers' eyes


  • foster the people - imagination
    • i see us dancing by ourselves, we do it better with no one around, just you in my imagination


  • missio - twisted
    • i'm uncontrollable, emotional
    • everybody in the world knows i'm a little twisted


  • zara larsson - all the time
    • are you in your house? are you going out? are you going crazy like me?


  • bring me the horizon - doomed
    • it's getting darker, but i'll carry on, the sun don't shine, but it never did, and when it rains, it fucking pours, but i think i like it


  • jaden - goku
    • i'm the closest to the greatest, that statement is daily debated


  • ellie goulding & juice wrld - hate me
    • tell me how you hate me, hate me, still tryna replace me, chase me, chase me, tell me how you hate me


  • meg myers - i really want you to hate me
    • i really want you to hate me, i really want you to find that i'm the ugliest girl, and i will never be a bride


  • bring me the horizon - why you gotta kick me when i'm down?
    • so come on and take a shot, you just can't get enough, don't let the fact that you know nothing stop you talking now


  • miley cyrus - mother's daughter
    • i'm nasty, i'm evil, must be something in the water, or that i'm my mother's daughter


  • florence + the machine - which witch
    • i've had enough, it's obvious, and i'm getting tired of crawling all the way


  • harry styles - woman
    • i'm selfish, i know, i told you, but i know you never listen


  • felix cartal & lights - love me
    • i can't get you off of my mind, why do i keep wasting my time?


  • florence + the machine - howl
    • if you could only see the beast you've made of me, i held it in, but now it seems you've set it running free


  • laurel - same mistakes
    • and i guess i wanna leave, oh, wait, patience, you said, oh, wait


  • 5 seconds of summer - valentine
    • i love the light in your eyes and the dark in your heart


  • bea miller & o'neill hudson - crash&burn
    • ain't nobody gotten through to me, nobody else but you to me


  • marina - living dead
    • i haven't lived life, i haven't lived love, just bird's eye view from the sky above


  • isaac dunbar - diamonds are a girl's best friend
    • i just really care about where i will go after you're through with me


  • isaac dunbar - ferrari
    • maybe if you took my lungs away, i wouldn't breathe the air that makes me say the things that will haunt me the very next day


  • pvris - death of me
    • maybe i'm crazy, i know you're danger, baby, you could be the death of me


  • sigala & becky hill - wish you well
    • 'cause, honestly, your loyalties, insecurities and priorities ain't the same, for harmony, it's the only thing i can say: i wish you well


  • tender - erode
    • it's like this, and like that, i think i'm starting to crack, then you leave, and come back, the odds are starting to stack against me


  • bad suns - take my love and run
    • oh, break my heart, disintegrated, what would be? yeah, take my love, you might as well, what's it to me?


  • billie eilish - when i was older
    • it's seeming more and more like all we ever do is see how far it bends before it breaks in half, and then we bend it back again
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