• st. vincent - los ageless
    • how can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind, too?


  • the wombats - turn
    • i like the way you turn me inside and out


  • hozier - dinner & diatribes
    • now that the evening is slowing, now that the end's in sight, honey, it's easier knowing what you'd do to me tonight


  • my chemical romance - the sharpest lives
    • 'cause i've spent the night dancing, i'm drunk, i suppose, if it looks like i'm laughing, i'm really just asking to leave this alone


  • joji - attention
    • now would you hate me if i said goodbye so quick you could eat my dust?


  • st. vincent - smoking section
    • sometimes i go to the edge of my roof, and i think i'll jump, just to punish you


  • koda - curse
    • everyone is so far gone, we are all alone


  • hozier - as it was
    • tell me if somehow some of it remained, how long you would wait for me, how long i've been away


  • the hollies - we're through
    • i should be better off without you, you take a pride in making me blue
    • i knew from the start, you'd be tearing me apart sooner or later


  • hozier - no plan
    • i'll be your man if you got love to get done, sit here and watch the sunlight fade, honey, enjoy, it's gettin' late


  • mansionair - falling
    • pin a string in the middle and tie it to my chest, i'm spinning around your five mile radius, don't look away


  • mother mother - back to life
    • and did i look like i'm violent? then, baby, why don't you shoot me?


  • mansionair - violet city
    • i can't help myself, the moment that i let it go is when i find i'm in control


  • florence + the machine - hunger
    • i thought that love was on the stage, give yourself to strangers, you don't have to be afraid


  • khalid - my bad
    • oh, we both care about it, but arguing with me just isn't worth it


  • alma - cowboy
    • i taste it in your body, see it in your anger, i know that you feel like me


  • local natives - when am i gonna lose you
    • wait, when am i gonna lose you? how will i let you slip through? careless or unkind?


  • foals - in degrees
    • i lose you in degrees, don't leave me on my knees


  • catfish and the bottlemen - 7
    • i've tried to ignore it every time you phone, but i never come close


  • mitski - washing machine heart
    • toss your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart, baby, bang it up inside


  • pvris - what's wrong
    • you got my back against the wall, and now i can't ever get comfortable


  • carnage & prinze george - letting people go
    • reaching for you these days just doesn't feel good


  • foals - i'm done with the world (& it’s done with me)
    • i’m done with the world and it’s done with me, all i wanna do is get up and leave


  • radiohead - exit music (for a film)
    • we hope that you choke, that you choke


  • marina - superstar
    • what i like about you is you know who you are, what you like about me is i know what i'm not


  • florence + the machine - what the water gave me
    • but, oh, my love, don’t forget me, when i let the water take me


  • lorde - homemade dynamite
    • don't know you super well, but i think that you might be the same as me


  • clean bandit & anne-marie & sean paul - rockabye
    • she tells him, your life ain't gon' be nothing like my life, you're gonna grow and have a good life, i'm gonna do what i've got to do


  • flora cash - i wasted you
    • giving you my guilt only made me numb, i don't feel right, i feel like i wasted you


  • flora cash - you're somebody else
    • well, you talk like yourself, no, i hear someone else, though, now you're making me nervous


  • my chemical romance - house of wolves
    • tell me i'm a bad man, kick me like a stray, tell me i'm an angel, take this to my grave


  • my chemical romance - thank you for the venom
    • give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill
    • preach all you want, but who's gonna save me?


  • florence + the machine - blinding
    • no more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world


  • frank ocean - nights
    • can't keep up a conversation, can't nobody reach you. why your eyes well up? did you call me from a séance? you are from a past life, hope you're doing well, bruh


  • hozier - talk
    • imagine being loved by me


  • billie eilish - ilomilo
    • said i couldn't love someone 'cause i might break


  • normani & 6lack - waves
    • i let you come and go like seasons


  • billie eilish - bad guy
    • i like when you get mad, i guess i'm pretty glad that you're alone


  • meg myers - tear me to pieces
    • i know this love will tear me to pieces, i know his hands will dig up my secrets
    • trouble's not worth the pleasure but i feel alive


  • florence + the machine - moderation
    • want me to love you in moderation, do i look moderate to you?


  • allie x - paper love
    • oh, i know that boy's gonna rip me up, 'cause he ain't that nice, he won't do right, he'll leave a nasty cut


  • walk the moon - we are the kids
    • we are the kids that you never can kill, you say that we won't, but you know that we will keep on


  • khalid - right back
    • you don't gotta stay the night, i just wanna take the time


  • blackpink - kill this love
    • look at me, look at you, who will be in more pain?


  • gia woods - new girlfriend
    • she said we’re friends, look at us now, i like your new girlfriend more than you


  • little mix & nicki minaj - woman like me
    • i always say what i'm feeling, i was born without a zip on my mouth, sometimes i don't even mean it, it takes a little while to figure me out


  • james arthur - you deserve better
    • give up on me, 'cause, babe, i'm hopeless


  • jonas blue & jessie reyez & juan magan - wherever you go
    • it wasn't 'til i met you that i understood the sky, and the way the moon waits for the sun, waits for the sun to rise


  • oh, be clever - river
    • he said he liked me better as a mess, he said he wants to save me from myself


  • the chainsmokers & winona oak - hope
    • i only wanted you 'cause i couldn't have you, now that i know, that wasn't love, that wasn't love, that was just hope


  • mark ronson & lykke li - late night feelings
    • tryna find a new distraction, want to make it last all night


  • bts & halsey - boy with luv
    • i'm curious about everything, how's your day, oh, tell me, what makes you happy, oh, text me


  • laurel - adored
    • we can sit and talk and i'll pretend that i give a fuck


  • syml - fear of the water
    • and you smile when you dive in, like you're never coming back


  • hey violet - better by myself
    • you're no good for my health, you're no good for my troubled state of mind


  • lady gaga - always remember us this way
    • you look at me and, babe, i wanna catch on fire


  • always never - run back
    • selfish, selfish, selfish, you know that you are, but i'm not thinking straight, so come, fuck with my heart


  • sza & the weeknd & travis scott - power is power
    • only love could kill me, god bless


  • sam tinnesz - when the truth hunts you down
    • you can run, but you won't make it far


  • marina - end of the earth
    • but i'll give my love, i don't care if it hurts, 'cause i'll love you 'til the end, i'll love you 'til the end of the earth


  • shawn mendes - there's nothing holdin' me back
    • she pulls me in enough to keep me guessing


  • gia woods - keep on coming
    • one touch, you'll be begging for my love


  • years & years & mnek - valentino
    • he seems to be the name on everybody's lips, so i told myself i wouldn't fall for it


  • bastille - doom days
    • when i watch the world burn all i think about is you


  • demi lovato & lil wayne - lonely
    • all you do is leave me fucking lonely


  • bastille - bad blood
    • as the friendship goes, resentment grows, we will walk our different ways


  • tove lo - moments
    • i can get a little drunk, i get into all the don'ts, but on good days i am charming as fuck


  • chelou - ships in the wind
    • my memories of you are interfering with every indecision


  • the maine - 24 floors
    • i look up and see the stars, look down at speeding cars


  • bastille - joy
    • i'm your walking disaster, keep on dragging me from self-pity, poor me


  • banks - gimme
    • i wanna hear the sounds that you'll make, drivin' me crazy with the way you whine, and you can call me that bitch


  • shawn mendes - if i can't have you
    • i can't write one song that's not about you, can't drink without thinking about you


  • billie eilish - bury a friend
    • i wanna end me


  • steve aoki & bts - waste it on me
    • i'm no stranger to heartbreak and the pain of always being let go


  • ruelle - where we come alive
    • this is where we come alive, out of the shadows and into the light


  • billie eilish - copycat (sofi tukker remix)
    • i don't belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name


  • brand new - out of range
    • am i a torn up, tattered, worn out piece of fabric, not suitable to stitch up a rip?


  • isaac dunbar - cologne
    • is he cool? is he tough? is he fresh? can he pay all your bills and cash all your checks? is he tall? is he broad? let me guess, he's got it under control, yeah, i bet


  • post malone & jaden & téo - lonely
    • girl, you seem always on the move, baby, i just cannot figure out what to do


  • phantogram - you don't get me high anymore
    • nothing is fun, not like before, you don't get me high anymore


  • sofi tukker - baby i'm a queen
    • i might prefer desire to self-control, i might prefer crying to being composed


  • isaac dunbar - pharmacy
    • see me climb too high, you cut the vine, you had to hinder me


  • marina - karma
    • ain't it funny how it all adds up when you're always tryna push your luck?


  • notd & felix jaehn & georgia ku & captain cuts - so close
    • was it all too much or just not enough?


  • halsey - nightmare
    • i got no one to smile for, i waited a while for a moment to say i don't owe you a goddamn thing


  • onerepublic - rescue me
    • would you take my call when i start to crack?


  • follow the flow - maradok távol
    • nem lesz több üzenet, itt hagyom mindenemet


  • duncan laurence - arcade
    • i got addicted to a losing game


  • lana del rey - doin' time
    • she spreads her lovin' all over, and when she gets home, there's none left for me


  • rüfüs du sol - underwater
    • it’s not what you wanted, but i just need a change again


  • 5 seconds of summer - easier
    • i love you so much that i hate you


  • baynk - go with u
    • staring at your body in amazement, feel me sinking deeper in your ocean


  • lost frequencies & flynn - recognise
    • it's not me, i don't even recognise my heartbeat


  • lungs and limbs - grim ranger (acoustic version)
    • it ain't just the dark, it's the dark in you


  • hey violet - close my eyes
    • i'm taking mental pictures of you for when i get home, i'm gonna get under the covers with you, but i'm all alone


  • cazzette & richard smitt - on my mind (single mix)
    • i'd take a broken heart just for you, i'd tear my soul apart for something new


  • lorde - supercut
    • in my head, i do everything right, when you call, i forgive and not fight


  • disclosure & lorde - magnets
    • face from heaven, bet the world she don't know, pretty girls don't know the things that i know


  • lauv - sad forever
    • i've been in the backseat, doing alright, trying to take control, but i don't know how to


  • tiësto, jonas blue & rita ora - ritual
    • oh, come on, come on, however i act, you know how much i care


  • the chainsmokers & bebe rexha - call you mine
    • you said, "hey, whatcha doing for the rest of your life?" and i said, "i don't even know what i'm doing tonight"


  • ry x - hounds
    • i lay my body down to listen to the sound, i let my heart peek out to feed it to the hounds


  • foals - sunday
    • 'cause time away from me is what i need to clear my sight and clear my head


  • dua lipa - blow your mind (mwah)
    • if you don't like the way i talk, then why am i on your mind?


  • tove lo - scream my name
    • fuckin' up my happy ending, but i can take bullets to the heart


  • jonas brothers - only human
    • we gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move, hurts when i'm leaving you


  • marshmello & bastille - happier
    • i wanna raise your spirits, i want to see you smile, but know that means i'll have to leave


  • bastille - quarter past midnight
    • why are we always chasing after something like we're trying to throw our lives away?


  • jonas brothers - sucker
    • you're makin' the typical me break my typical rules


  • sofi tukker - my body hurts
    • my body hurts, i'm overwhelmed, i complain because i want to and it feels so good to yell


  • avicii & imagine dragons - heart upon my sleeve
    • i can't go a single day without thinking of the words i'd say, and i can't do a single thing without thinking of you


  • harrison storm - falling down
    • alway felt this could get dark


  • bastille - another place
    • you can fill my mind and move my body with the fiction, fantasies, just call this what it is, we don't pretend it's real


  • bastille - million pieces
    • if it's gonna break me, won't you let me go?
    • the echoes of the news ring loud, no sound can ever drown it out


  • missio - i see you
    • i'm hoping that you will see yourself like i see you


  • purity ring - begin again
    • look at the fire and think of me


  • panic! at the disco - nicotine
    • it's better to burn than to fade away, it's better to leave than to be replaced


  • bastille - bad decisions
    • and if we're going down in flames, take a bow for the bad decisions that we made


  • isaac dunbar - freshman year
    • i wanna win homecoming king, shedded pounds and wasted tears, i know i'm not that good-looking, but it’s only freshman year
    • she'll never like you, she'll never like you / he'd never like me, he'd never like me


  • camila cabello & shawn mendes - señorita
    • i wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave you


  • alma - lonely night
    • oh, what a lonely night, she said i love you, but not the way you do


  • bea miller - feel something
    • i don't wanna die, but i don't wanna live like this


  • city and colour - strangers
    • we look to the heavens above for advice on our lives, searching for god at the bottoms of bottles and in strangers' eyes


  • foster the people - imagination
    • i see us dancing by ourselves, we do it better with no one around, just you in my imagination


  • missio - twisted
    • i'm uncontrollable, emotional
    • everybody in the world knows i'm a little twisted


  • zara larsson - all the time
    • are you in your house? are you going out? are you going crazy like me?


  • bring me the horizon - doomed
    • it's getting darker, but i'll carry on, the sun don't shine, but it never did, and when it rains, it fucking pours, but i think i like it


  • jaden - goku
    • i'm the closest to the greatest, that statement is daily debated


  • ellie goulding & juice wrld - hate me
    • tell me how you hate me, hate me, still tryna replace me, chase me, chase me, tell me how you hate me


  • meg myers - i really want you to hate me
    • i really want you to hate me, i really want you to find that i'm the ugliest girl, and i will never be a bride


  • bring me the horizon - why you gotta kick me when i'm down?
    • so come on and take a shot, you just can't get enough, don't let the fact that you know nothing stop you talking now


  • miley cyrus - mother's daughter
    • i'm nasty, i'm evil, must be something in the water, or that i'm my mother's daughter


  • florence + the machine - which witch
    • i've had enough, it's obvious, and i'm getting tired of crawling all the way


  • harry styles - woman
    • i'm selfish, i know, i told you, but i know you never listen


  • felix cartal & lights - love me
    • i can't get you off of my mind, why do i keep wasting my time?


  • florence + the machine - howl
    • if you could only see the beast you've made of me, i held it in, but now it seems you've set it running free


  • laurel - same mistakes
    • and i guess i wanna leave, oh, wait, patience, you said, oh, wait


  • 5 seconds of summer - valentine
    • i love the light in your eyes and the dark in your heart


  • bea miller & o'neill hudson - crash&burn
    • ain't nobody gotten through to me, nobody else but you to me


  • marina - living dead
    • i haven't lived life, i haven't lived love, just bird's eye view from the sky above


  • isaac dunbar - diamonds are a girl's best friend
    • i just really care about where i will go after you're through with me


  • isaac dunbar - ferrari
    • maybe if you took my lungs away, i wouldn't breathe the air that makes me say the things that will haunt me the very next day


  • pvris - death of me
    • maybe i'm crazy, i know you're danger, baby, you could be the death of me


  • sigala & becky hill - wish you well
    • 'cause, honestly, your loyalties, insecurities and priorities ain't the same, for harmony, it's the only thing i can say: i wish you well


  • tender - erode
    • it's like this, and like that, i think i'm starting to crack, then you leave, and come back, the odds are starting to stack against me


  • bad suns - take my love and run
    • oh, break my heart, disintegrated, what would be? yeah, take my love, you might as well, what's it to me?


  • billie eilish - when i was older
    • it's seeming more and more like all we ever do is see how far it bends before it breaks in half, and then we bend it back again


  • charli xcx & christine and the queens - gone
    • i feel so unstable, fucking hate these people, how they making me feel lately


  • king princess - prophet
    • 'cause i can only think about you, and what it's like to walk around you, and why they like to talk about you, ’cause i can only think about you


  • kodaline - don't come around
    • if all you want is someone to say that you were never wrong, don't come around here, don't come around


  • sabrina carpenter - looking at me
    • don't just stand there staring, honey, try to move your feet, if you think they're looking at you, they're looking at me


  • sabrina carpenter & saweetie - i can't stop me
    • baby, you could say you're bad for me, but who are you to tell me what i need?


  • mk & jonas blue & becky hill - back & forth
    • can never tell if i'm in love with him or lost with him


  • panic! at the disco - one of the drunks
    • night's young, searching for a feeling, big fun, dancing with the demons
    • round and round and round and round and round and round, damn, it's all good, i guess


  • of monsters and men - wars
    • yeah, i love you on the weekends, but i'm careless and i'm wicked


  • the chainsmokers & illenium & lennon stella - takeaway
    • before i love you, i'm gonna leave you, before i'm someone you leave behind, i'll break your heart, so you don't break mine


  • jaden - e
    • if i fall for you, it's gon' be trouble


  • of monsters and men - soothsayer
    • stay here, stay here, stay here, i want you


  • dvbbs & saro - somebody like you
    • if we say goodbye, i may never find somebody like you


  • alesso & tini - sad song
    • i'm falling apart, just like i knew i would


  • bastille - lethargy
    • headspin, happiness, death


  • tove lo & alma - bad as the boys
    • i run my fingers through her hair, crushing my hope that this could go anywhere


  • alexander 23 - another summer night without you
    • bed bugs only bite the lonely, baby, i've got scars from wishing you could hold me


  • alex mattson & shane moyer & nevve - love lie
    • and i know, in a minute, i'll be the lonely one


  • florence + the machine - big god
    • sometimes i think it's getting better, and then it gets much worse. is it just part of the process? well, jesus christ, it hurts


  • florence + the machine - ship to wreck
    • did i drink too much? am i losing touch? did i build this ship to wreck?


  • of monsters and men - silhouettes
    • wherever there is you, i will be there, too


  • tender - fear of falling asleep
    • and as i lay here in my bed at night, the only thing that's truly mine is my fear of falling asleep, and not waking up


  • lorde - sober
    • these are the games of the weekend, we pretend that we just don't care, but we care. but what will we do when we're sober?


  • florence + the machine - the end of love
    • and it was so far to fall, but it didn't hurt at all
    • i've always been in love with you, could you tell it from the moment that i met you?


  • florence + the machine - dog days are over
    • leave all your love and your longing behind, you can't carry it with you if you want to survive
    • and i never wanted anything from you, except everything you had and what was left after that, too


  • florence + the machine - no choir
    • but the loneliness never left me, i always took it with me, but i can put it down in the pleasure of your company


  • tom odell - sparrow
    • speak, sparrow, speak, please, won't you try? tell me why you'd walk if you knew that you could fly


  • son lux - all directions
    • weren't we beautiful once?


  • culpriit - driveway
    • taking shots until we both forget, one more picture to remember it


  • you me at six - what's it like
    • love don't live here anymore, it's nothing personal, but it's not reversible, it's terminal


  • pvris - hallucinations
    • hallucinations, you occupy, my imagination's running wild, new sensations, sweet temptations, i can't tell what's real or not


  • sophia messa - what am i gonna do with you
    • what am i, what am i, what am i gonna do with you, when you look like that?


  • bastille - things we lost in the fire
    • we were born with nothing, and we sure as hell have nothing now


  • bastille - those nights
    • will you be my future or just an escape? love me, love me, love me
    • aren't we all just looking for a little bit of hope these days? looking for somebody we can wake up with?


  • bastille - flaws
    • all of your flaws and all of my flaws are laid out one by one, look at the wonderful mess that we made, we pick ourselves undone


  • mansionair - we could leave
    • how'd i get so tongue tied? so sorry, i’m vacant, i'm watching from the sidelines while all the noise, it holds me still


  • cazzette & parson james - missing you
    • i ain't ready for another night, missing you


  • zak abel - all i ever do (is say goodbye) (thomas rasmus remix)
    • man, i gotta laugh before i cry, 'cause all i ever do is say goodbye


  • daughter - smoke
    • then we kiss and his lips turn into sand, and the whole of him cascades through my hands making a castle on the floor, then i'm alone again


  • bastille - send them off!
    • be the power to compel me, hold me closer than anyone before
    • i should be thinking 'bout nothing else when i'm with you


  • bastille - the anchor
    • you're the song i sing again and again, all the time, all the time, i think of you all the time
    • you cut through all the noise


  • dounia - glass walls
    • don't care what they say, i'ma be proud of me


  • lykke li - deep end
    • i'm in it, i'm in it, i was only gonna touch ya, now i'm in it


  • lana del rey - the greatest
    • don't leave, i just need a wake-up call


  • 5 seconds of summer - teeth
    • every little lie gives me butterflies


  • lorde - a world alone
    • you're my best friend, and we're dancing in a world alone, a world alone, we're all alone


  • lana del rey - cinnamon girl
    • if you hold me without hurting me, you'll be the first who ever did


  • cage the elephant & beck - night running
    • we're on a night run, no telling who we're running from in a world of secrets and demons and people hiding from the sun


  • daughter - landfill
    • i want you so much, but i hate your guts, i hate you


  • khalid - coaster
    • maybe you weren't the one for me, but deep down i wanted you to be


  • camila cabello - shameless
    • so many mornings i woke up confused, in my dreams, i do anything i want to you, my emotions are naked, they're taking me out of my mind


  • camila cabello - liar
    • i said i won't get too close, but i can't stop it


  • post malone & ozzy osbourne & travis scott - take what you want
    • why don't you take what you want from me, take what you need from me, take what you want, and go?


  • post malone - hollywood's bleeding
    • i just keep on hopin' that you call me, you say you wanna see me, but you can't right now, you never took the time to get to know me


  • tove lo & kylie minogue - really don't like u
    • why did i go to this party? thought i was done feeling sorry, knew he'd be here with somebody, why did it have to be you?


  • laurel - all star
    • such a drunken mess, i try and like you less, but i just like you more


  • hayley kiyoko - wanna be missed
    • say you can't eat, can't sleep, can't breathe without me


  • cold war kids - waiting for your love
    • i've been waiting for your love, someone to find me when i'm lonely


  • halsey - graveyard
    • it's funny how the warning signs can feel like they're butterflies


  • milky chance - the game
    • nothing ever seems to be easy, all i do is stand in the rain
    • everybody says that i'm dreaming, but i'm just tryna cope with the pain


  • bring me the horizon & lights - don't go
    • tell me that you need me 'cause i love you so much, tell me that you love me 'cause i need you so much


  • jaymes young - two more minutes
    • i don't want nobody else, you lift me off of the ground, i want you all to myself


  • winona oak - break my broken heart
    • i'm still breathing, so what's one more scar?


  • foals - the runner
    • when i fall down, fall down, then i know to keep on running
    • loneliness of the long distance runner, shadow, come closer, so i'll go on further


  • tove lo - mateo
    • never stood out in the crowd the way you do, wish i could have some more time alone with you, but the line is getting longer by the minute, and it's filled with pretty girls, with pretty girls that never been rejected, yeah, it's filled with pretty girls that never heard the words "i'm not interested"
    • never see you on your own, but you're alone, don't know why the need to fix you turns me on


  • tove lo - come undone
    • i lay in the fire, cry and i cry over nothing, i make a monsoon, and it's about you, what is it 'bout you that makes me come undone?


  • carnival youth - landlord (die alone)
    • there’s nothing left to say and nothing left to see, my radio is broken and there’s nothing on tv


  • bastille & kianja & s-x & craig david - would i lie to you?
    • you can read my diary, you're in every line


  • the national - don't swallow the cap
    • i need somewhere to stay, don't think anybody i know is awake, calm down, it's alright, keep my arms the rest of the night, when they ask what do i see, i say a bright white beautiful heaven hanging over me
    • i need somewhere to be, but i can't get around the river in front of me


  • harrison storm - feeling you
    • there was a time, i remember, breathing air like this, but that was when i was younger, didn’t know what i had, i'd miss


  • felix cartal & iselin - walking by
    • i guess i fell for the idea of you


  • foals - into the surf
    • if you come again, i'll be sure to send the tide to come meet you, and if i come again, please, be sure to send the moon to come meet me
    • i'll eat up all your pain, take in all the blame, be that someone to complain to


  • milky chance - fado
    • run away, run away, no one can make you stay


  • hozier - sedated
    • just a little rush, babe, to feel dizzy, to derail the mind of me


  • milky chance - stolen dance
    • i want you by my side, so that i never feel alone again


  • alma - chasing highs
    • and i better know what to do, who's gonna be the first one to move? i wanna get closer to you


  • fitz and the tantrums - fool's gold
    • oh, maybe i just wasn't good enough to blow your mind, you know i tried


  • halsey - clementine
    • i don't need anyone, i don't need anyone, i just need everyone and then some


  • sabrina claudio & zayn - rumors
    • i think i pray just for the sight of you, do you think you'd let me see inside of you?


  • city and colour - young lovers
    • standing on your own while you struggle to survive, left you standing all alone while you struggle to survive


  • finneas - lost my mind
    • you're the sound of a song, and i can't get you out of my head
    • am i in your head half as often as you're on my mind? if i don't make sense, please, forgive me, i can't sleep at night


  • rema - spaceship jocelyn
    • she can't deny i'm one of a kind


  • bring me the horizon & dani filth - wonderful life
    • nobody cares if i'm dead or alive, oh, what a wonderful life


  • laurel - happy man (triple j like a version)
    • it all could be different, try to do something new, givin' everything, i wanna be a happy man, too


  • foals - give it all
    • i called you up three times last night, running through the streets, bloody from a fist fight
    • see you there, wanna see you some day, as you look back, i'm pulling away, you caught the bus, and i caught the train, all that remains are words in the rain


  • harry styles - lights up
    • i could, but wouldn't stay


  • florence + the machine - heavy in your arms
    • i was a heavy heart to carry, my feet dragged across the ground, and he took me to the river, where he slowly let me drown
    • this will be my last confession, i love you never felt like any blessing


  • billie eilish - when the party's over
    • call me friend, but keep me closer, and i'll call you when the party's over


  • danny avila & the vamps & machine gun kelly - too good to be true
    • i can't look in your eyes, 'cause i fall a thousand times


  • troye sivan - what a heavenly way to die
    • what a heavenly way to die, what a time to be alive, because forever is in your eyes, but forever ain't half the time i wanna spend with you, i wanna be with you


  • billie eilish - watch
    • see what you wanna see, but all i see is him right now
    • when you call my name, do you think i'll come runnin'? you never did the same, so good at givin' me nothin'


  • mø & empress of - red wine
    • i wanna linger, wanna live out all my fantasies, dance on every table 'til they're mad at me, throw my hair back in the breeze, boy, you're right there with me


  • foals - neptune
    • i'm on my knees, i'm begging, please, come and take me away, take me away, come, take me away


  • foals - like lightning
    • under a setting sun, i will not be undone, my day has just begun


  • jeremy zucker & chelsea cutler - better off
    • can you feel it in your soul? if i'm honest, maybe we're better off alone


  • sofi tukker - ringless
    • when i met you i was strong, but i got lost near you


  • lauv - reforget
    • you're somewhere else, i'm drinking not to guess


  • tender - bleed
    • we left our lives, we're all alone, and now bleed for me


  • lorde - perfect places
    • are you lost enough? have another drink, get lost in us
    • now i can't stand to be alone


  • the neighbourhood - you get me so high
    • if you can, just let me know if it's okay to call you when i'm lonely


  • milky chance & témé tan - rush
    • chances are my sorrows start to fade away, this time it got me night and day, oh, it got me every day


  • pvris - old wounds
    • i think i could love you 'til the day that you die if you let me love you when the timing is right


  • king princess - trust nobody
    • watching me slip over words, it kinda hurts, for what it's worth, i just wanna be with you


  • pvris - nightmare
    • fuck your california dreams, get away from me


  • florence + the machine - hurricane drunk
    • i'm going out, i'm gonna drink myself to death


  • arctic monkeys - do me a favour
    • and do me a favour, and break my nose, or do me a favour, and tell me to go away, or do me a favour, and stop asking questions


  • alma & tove lo - worst behavior
    • i am done, i'm sick of hearing it, i am done, fed-up, ain't having it


  • noah cyrus & london on da track - fuckyounoah
    • yeah, i'm a piece of shit, it makes me hard to miss, no one wants to be around another fucking hypocrite


  • dua lipa - don't start now
    • walk away, you know how, don't start caring about me now


  • pvris - st. patrick
    • you give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head


  • hozier - movement
    • when you move, honey, i'm put in awe of something so flawed and free


  • ider - wu baby
    • i don't wanna float, baby, let me drown, suffocate my lungs with the love i found


  • ryan hemsworth & keaton henson & mitski - wait
    • i'd wait in line just to have you once, then you'll have me once, and i'll never be happy again


  • ider - brown sugar
    • i'm in your fire and i think that i could die here


  • benjamin carter - cosmic
    • i swear that i’ll keep on running back to you


  • foals - late night
    • see you walk away, feeling okay now? happy now? stay with me, stay with me, stay with me, stay with me


  • ider - clinging to the weekend
    • how you gonna let it take over your head like that? how you gonna let your body hurt like that?


  • ben howard - only love
    • give me shelter, or show me heart, come on, love, come on, love, watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart


  • ben howard - black flies
    • if i was to go my own way, would i have to pass you by?


  • billie eilish - everything i wanted
    • and it feels like yesterday was a year ago, but i don't wanna let anybody know
    • if they knew what they said would go straight to my head, what would they say instead?


  • milky chance - fallen
    • 'cause nothing can stop me, stop me from falling, shiver, and i go, leave my body, keep my soul


  • milky chance - scarlet paintings
    • oh, i gotta see you dancing on the edge, every time you turn around, i lose my breath


  • the neighbourhood - wiped out!
    • what can i say that would make you see, make you need me? maybe i won't ever know, maybe i'll end up alone
    • i'm back and forth, i think i'm going crazy, i'm back and forth, i can't make up my mind, i'm up and down, i'm never satisfied


  • lorde - sober ii (melodrama)
    • and the terror and the horror, god, i wonder why we bother, all the glamour and the trauma and the fucking melodrama


  • ben howard - time is dancing
    • hold it in, now, let's go dancing, i do believe we're only passing through, wired again, now, look who's laughing, you again, all you, all you, all you


  • mother mother - dance and cry
    • you never felt so alive until you dance and cry and cry and dance and cry


  • joji - yeah right
    • yeah, you bet she know that we ain't never gonna be together, i see


  • meduza & becky hill & goodboys - lose control
    • could you be the one to call when i lose control?


  • bring me the horizon - shadow moses
    • this is sempiternal, will we ever see the end?


  • daughter - new ways
    • i've been trying to stay out, but there's something in you i can't be without, i just need it here


  • sza & kendrick lamar - babylon
    • i know you hate me now, i bet you hate me now, bring on the thorny crown, crucify me


  • dutchkid - wildflower
    • i never knew that i could love like this


  • dutchkid - high
    • you look so amazing, you got me feeling so high


  • foreign fields - correct me
    • saturday night, i'm still running wild, still cleaning my wounds like an unloved child, in the end, i don't wanna die, i wasn't made for this life
    • all these years, oh, they're passing me by, now i'm all out of time, i'll let gravity do what it does and correct me


  • luna shadows - lowercase
    • you devastate like hurricanes, and all you have to do is leave the room


  • dounia - my own company
    • got you moving on my time, and you're not asking why


  • syml - take me apart
    • wait, take me apart, and i'll flow like water
    • i don't mind waiting for the day everyone here will go mad


  • dounia - specific
    • damn, you're really blessed, 'cause she's right here in the flesh
    • never seen a girl like me, they're calling me aggressive


  • dounia - distracted
    • it's a cold world and this ending's a classic


  • years & years - memo
    • if i try my hardest, would you look my way?


  • ry x - to know
    • we give course to no love, 'cause no one can hold on to no one


  • lxandra - too young to grow old
    • tomorrow's never around, so all we got is… yesterday is long gone, all we got is now


  • camila cabello & dababy - my oh my
    • they say he likes a good time, my oh my, he comes alive at midnight, every night, my mama doesn't trust him, my oh my, he's only here for one thing, but so am i


  • post malone - hit this hard
    • i just keep running and running and running around, i never thought that it would hit this hard
    • what have you become? what have you turned to? what have you taken? like someone hurt you


  • bastille - admit defeat
    • you stirred something in me, i admit defeat, won't be thinking 'bout anything at all tonight but you
    • you're the only voice in my head, i can hear you speaking, louder than i'm thinking, hang on every word that you said, drive me to distraction, drive me to distraction


  • mansionair - alibi
    • you're one step in, and out again, it's useless


  • bastille & ella - no angels
    • no, i don't want your number, no, i don't wanna give you mine and, no, i don't wanna meet you nowhere, no, don't want none of your time


  • horváth tamás - meggyfa
    • táncolj ide hozzám utoljára, hadd legyek veled


  • harrison storm - how to help
    • blessed is the world that does know all your grace


  • harry styles - golden
    • i know you were way too bright for me, i'm hopeless, broken, so you wait for me in the sky


  • syml - where's my love (alternate version)
    • does she know that we bleed the same?


  • wildes - illuminate
    • it'll mean nothing, it'll mean nothing without you


  • city and colour - grand optimist
    • then there's my father, he's always looking on the bright side, saying things like 'son, life just ain't that hard', he is the grand optimist, i am the world's poor pessimist, you give him burden sometimes, and he will escape unscarred. i guess i take after my mother


  • bts - heartbeat
    • it spins me 'round and drives me crazy


  • foreign air - call off the dogs
    • i keep on trying and trying, your river's running cold, i keep on diving and diving, i just can't let it go


  • billie eilish - ocean eyes
    • i've been watching you for some time, can't stop staring at those ocean eyes


  • city and colour - settle down
    • we can settle at a table, a table for two, won't you wine and dine with me? settle down
    • she's got a fancy car, she wants to take you far from the city lights and sounds, deep into the dark


  • embrz & huntar - last thread
    • let it go, let it go, i wanna know why i'm feeling like i'm less than hopeless


  • dounia - kinda fun
    • she an angel and she know how to entertain


  • matoma & james newman - lights go down
    • 'cause now i only feel it when the lights go down, only get that feeling when the night rolls round
    • sometimes i get drunk when i'm all by myself, 'cause it helps me forget you're with somebody else


  • klingande & bright sparks - messiah
    • oh, good lord, you got me sold to champagne dreams tonight, you know i feel it and i want it and i need it


  • seafret - atlantis
    • it's all become too much, maybe i'm not built for love


  • bring me the horizon & halsey - ¿
    • feel, hope, but i rip at the seams if i can't get you away from me


  • benee - find an island
    • no longer want to know where you make plans to go


  • bring me the horizon - ludens
    • the only way to hide myself is to give 'em one hell of a show
    • you call this a connection? oh, give me a break


  • geowulf - won't look back
    • can't you let me walk away? i won't look back, i won't look back, now, let's realize, i won't look back


  • halott pénz - amikor feladnád
    • én már nem hagylak el, mert az életem összenőtt veled teljesen
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