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  • seri or max
  • they/them or xe/xem
  • nonbinary baby! (as an exclamation, that is not me calling you baby i just think it sounds funky)
  • lawful neutral
  • enfp
  • mixed, multilingual
dec 20 2020 ∞
jun 21 2021 +
  • church by aly & aj
  • good love by aly & aj
  • religion (u can lay your hands on me) by shura
  • two slow dancers by mitski
  • listen!!! by aly & aj
  • hard feelings by lorde
  • holy by king princess
  • HEAVEN by troye sivan
  • fast in my car by paramore
  • i'll haunt you by tennis
  • strawberry blond by mitski
  • star maps by aly & aj
jan 22 2021 ∞
jun 13 2021 +
  • waking up in the morning in the winter to see the sun reflecting against the snow outside and having your room and soul be brightened by it
  • socks that fit just right
  • finding a comfortable sleeping position and just lying there
  • waking up and looking at the time, seeing that you have several hours of sleep left and cherishing them for that fleeting moment
  • finishing a good book, closing it slowly, and just sitting there
  • good breakfast
  • talking to people at night about life
  • remembering a random stranger i talked to and laughed with
  • writing on paper and seeing that you wrote something nicely, not wanting to erase it
  • taking photos and looking back on them
feb 8 2021 ∞
feb 27 2021 +
  • january: pasta. because i did not have any
  • february: matcha with milk. because i remembered that they existed for the last half of february and they came through lol
  • march: gamer headphones. i think they are so rad i would love to have one
  • april: cam!!!!!! because fae said so and because i love them very much fae's very cool and awesome co-op with her is so much fun :thumbs_up:
  • may: genshin impact. idk it's my favorite game ever it makes me so happy,,,,,
feb 8 2021 ∞
jun 12 2021 +
  • staying up late (oops)
  • writing
  • thinking about playing video games
  • doodling in the margins of my notes
  • hesitating to annotate my books because they are new
  • annotating them anyway because they will get old
  • talking super fast
  • keysmashing
  • looking at the sky
  • doodling
  • playing any song on my guitar
  • thinking about things that inspire me
  • watching tv. does that count? i don't care
  • playing cool tunes on my clarinet
dec 20 2020 ∞
apr 14 2021 +
  • "You are wrong if you think joy emanates only or principally from human relationships. God has placed it all around us. It is in everything and anything we might experience. We just have to have the courage to turn against our habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living." - Chris McCandless
  • “I exist.’ In thousands of agonies — I exist. I’m tormented on the rack — but I exist! Though I sit alone in a pillar — I exist! I see the sun, and if I don’t see the sun, I know it’s there. And there’s a whole life in that, in knowing that the sun is there.” - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • "It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." - J.R.R. Tolkien
  • "The Letter" by Linda Gregg
  • “The sea is a favourite place for the birth of visions.” - Carl Jung
feb 8 2021 ∞
apr 14 2021 +


  • there was this cloud that looked exactly like the countries around the globe. it was like a carbon copy???? wow
  • also this crocodile cloud
  • and this huge giant that was lying down. also humans lying down


  • the clouds that are rolling by pretty fast are gray/darker blue at the bottom and white at the top today. like shadows.
mar 1 2021 ∞
mar 14 2021 +
  • looking up something about a character i like from a show i just started watching and seeing a major spoiler after the keyword (ex. "death")
  • holes in my socks
  • trying to go fall asleep at night during the summer when it's super warm
  • not having the device needed to play a game
  • my phone being on 60% or less battery
  • when i can't find a charger anywhere
  • forgetting to charge my airpods
  • said airpods dying while i'm listening to a good song
  • listening to music for so long that it kind of just sounds like noise
apr 26 2021 ∞
apr 26 2021 +

currently watching:

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender S1E12
  • My Little Pony S2E24
  • Hikaru No Go E5
  • Demon Slayer E1

currently reading:

  • horimiya
  • the perks of being a wallflower
  • the master & margarita
feb 8 2021 ∞
jun 12 2021 +
  • try making your bed first thing in the morning
  • think about all the times during the day you waited to get into bed when you are about to stay up
  • try to embrace your differences
  • try to give people a chance to be honest and good
  • you will be okay. when you wake up tomorrow, things will be clearer
  • things are never as bad as they seem
  • it is okay to take a break when you need it
  • you never need to do anything. if you do not feel like doing it, you don't have to. it is important to feel comfortable.
  • start saying sorry only when you mean it
  • things happen. you will get a chance to try again
feb 8 2021 ∞
feb 8 2021 +
  • rainbow dash (mlp)
  • steve harrington (stranger things)
  • byleth (m) (fe3h)
  • catra (she-ra)
  • adora (she-ra)
  • luca balsa (idv)
  • mio chibana (l'étranger)
  • eli clark (idv)
  • tracer (overwatch)
  • (overwatch)
  • howl (howl's moving castle)
apr 26 2021 ∞
may 24 2021 +
  • bobbie
  • robin
  • alice
  • wendy
  • jenkins
  • frog
  • wolf
  • fitz
feb 27 2021 ∞
feb 27 2021 +
  • stacyplays mug that has doodles of her dogs on it
  • this brown mug with white and teal lines on the bottom. it's perfectly shaped!
  • a starbucks mug that is huge. perfect for when i am too lazy to go back to get more water. i got it when i was around 4 (i think) and it was the kind of mug that you could doodle on. there are various horses and cats and other creatures that inhabit it
dec 20 2020 ∞
feb 8 2021 +