• hi!! my name is cam, but i'd prefer to be called winter if we aren't close </3 i'm okay with camden/camille aswell
  • im in highschool
  • currently hyperfocused on kpop- mostly nct txt and enha but i love talking about it all
  • i really like regular show, id love to talk about it! and we can also talk about your favorite show, too!
  • my discord is fives#0420 if you'd like to add me :)
  • i really prefer they/fae, but anything works. just please avoid noun pronouns with me, and it/its
  • use tone indicators when we first meet please, i struggle to understand sometimes
  • i dont use caps and punctuation unless im writing, im sorry if that bothers you ! i can try and use your preferences
jun 26 2020 ∞
dec 28 2021 +
  • i have really bad memory, i tend to forget things alot and mix up conversations and stuff. i tend to pin stuff in convos to remember better, im sorry if its bothersome!
  • some days ill be really dry and slow to reply, so im really sorry, sometimes i just cant control my emotions slip up im sorryy
jun 26 2020 ∞
oct 31 2021 +

keep these topics away from me please!

  • feces
  • the smell of vomit specifically
  • do NOT bring up black butler around me.
  • not a trigger but i hate shows like family guy and big mouth and all that, it just doesnt appeal to me and the humor on shows like that makes me uncomfortable.
  • please avoid talking about EDS/skipping meals around me- i really hate it and i will change the subject, and i don't want to upset you
  • wip i dont know my own triggers bruh
jun 2 2021 ∞
jan 8 2022 +
  • kpop (mostly boy groups)
  • regular show
  • cartoons
  • drawing sometimes
  • writing!!
  • cows!
  • dragons! (wings of fire)
  • harry potter
  • percy jackson
  • star vs the forces of evil
  • wip i don't,,,know
mar 26 2021 ∞
jan 8 2022 +


  • taeyong jaehyun yuta yangayng sungchan and shotaro (nct)
  • xiaojun sicheng yang and lucas (wayv)
  • bambam! (got7)
  • heeseung and jungwon (enha)
  • gyu and taehyun (txt)
  • yeosang and wooyoung! (ateez)
  • changmin, chanhee, and juyeon (tbz)
  • joshua, dk, vernon, s.coups, mingyu and wonwoo (svt)
  • chaeryoung and yuna (itzy)
  • chaeyoung and dahyun (twice)

non kpop

  • mitski
  • the wombats
  • harry styles
  • one direction really
  • logan lerman !!
  • taylor swift
dec 28 2021 ∞
jan 8 2022 +