• Naomi
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  • 18
  • lesbian
  • gemini
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i'm naomi and i talk a lot about hobbies i like on twitter. mostly a video games focused account but sometimes a personal as well. i talk a lot w/ friends as well. looking to make some mutuals with folks who are interested in the same stuff i am.

i have a slew of mental health stuff that gets in the way of me being social, so if i don't answer something or leave you hanging for a few days feel free to remind me. i've probably just forgotten.

if we're mutuals feel free to req @chevaalier if you're interested in hearing me talk about me. i may be selective w accepting reqs on that account.

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nov 27 2018 +
  • I talk about mental health stuff sometimes, I know that bothers some folks. most stuff will be tagged.
  • I talk about my orientation in passing a lot because I can acknowledge it online without being afraid of dangerous repercussions. if that bothers you, don't follow
  • please don't send me spiders / pictures of spiders, even as a joke
  • obviously dnfi you're homophobic, etc.
  • RT heavy
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sep 26 2018 +
  • granblue
  • ffxiv
  • supergiant games
  • bbtag
  • monster hunter
  • league of legends
  • pyre
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